Monday, May 30, 2016

31 May 2016 Daily Horoscopes by Marie Moore


You have a beautiful earth trine and fire trine energy today. This is a good energy if you want to schmooze your way in with those in authority.You can be very lazy and self indulgent with this beautiful energy. You are very open minded to new things and new experiences. You are coming from a place of  "YES",today


You are able to focus your energy on your work or creative hobbies or even business today. Some of you today stress with court, loans or career can happen today. Or even power struggles with relationships can come up today. Worst comes to worst tap in faith consciousness . Give your problems to God.


You may find yourself defending your way of thinking, or even defending your family and how they do things  today. Opinions are high with this energy, and thats just what they are opinions. So try to ignore others but at the same be careful with what you say. You don't always need the last word


Watch your emotional self today.Your letting situations and people get to you.You could be fighting with yourself with what you want to do and what you are obligated to do.Don't overwhelm yourself today by making promises to others. Because you are not going to want to keep them


Try to do something creative or something spiritual today and watch yourself feel renewed and recharge. Today you may think or hear about people you are still mad at and aren't talking too.Certain situations between you two are going to be brought up and talked about


Today you may have thoughts of the past and you are able to see things from an objective perspective or a non judgemental perspective. Things might be made clear for you or might make sense.Today you are about your needs and what makes you happy


For some of you, you getting along better with siblings, lots of communications with family are coming up. You  are very creative with your thoughts, and for some of you coming up with money making idea. Your rare sense aka common sense is very good and useful too.


For those of you with your own business. A good bit of traffic coming your way . For others this is a great energy for good news with career or getting a job today. You are in a better head space today to get things done. You are able to go after what you want with this energy


This energy you  need to slow down because you are involved in a process at this time. Rushing work or certain things isn't going to help your situation. If you feel stuck like your on a hamster wheel.Today you are going to feel this energy a bit more intensly. Making you , make changes with your current situation. Like a lobster it goes back under a rock to shed it's skin to get grow another shell. Because it knows it's uncomfortable and it's time to change


Today you are listening more to your emotional self and using that as your guiding tool . The moon in the 12 th house is very well aspected today. Don't worry it's not a for everything just for today. Than tomorrow you'll lose interest. Also with this energy , you maybe more to yourself and enjoying your solitude .


You are still in the holiday spirit, and your life today is center or focus on friends and family. I feel for some of you , you still trying to keep the party going. So you maybe planning something for  this weekend with friends or family. You are all about socializing and even reconnecting with old friends


You are more about your career and your social life at this time. Which is fine you do better when you are busy and focusing more on your career. Than focusing on your inner world and getting stuck in your feelers. When your busy and your mind is occupied with work thats when you thrive today