Wednesday, May 18, 2016



Your making decisions based on your emotional self. These aren't easy decisions that are coming up. Try to ask for a second or third opinion today before moving forward. I feel that the focus is going to be on your personal life or home life. You might not be making any sense today


Mars is in a bad aspect today, fights are on. It doesn't have to be like that. Change your way of  thinking. In order to get what we want, we have to give up what ego wants. Than eventually we get are way. You need to be more about other people's needs than your own. And cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off.


This would be a great day for business with the moon in your second house. You are very generous with your time and money with this energy. There is some good juice aka gossip, surrounding a family member. You love some good juice and not to mention what ever compelled them to do that?


Your needs are in conflict with other people's needs. At this time you need to watch your emotional self because you are able to manifest the things that you want. Or this situation that is coming up is going to get you out of alignment with what you want. You may feel stuck in certain relationships which is going to cause allot of frustration


This would be a good day to kind of start re organizing your life. Certain people or situations are not working out for you or as you like. You need to think about what changes you need to make or let go in order for you to move forward. I feel that the focus is going to be on home and family


With this energy you may not be getting along with friends or children. You need to develop a bit of tough skin. Not take things so personally with this energy. Also with this energy you feel fullfilled when you are helping others. Or participating in your religious sect and volunteering your time will give you some sort of peace today


Lots of communications coming up today. I feel this is a great day to talk to  management about ideas that you have or suggestions. Also friends maybe leaning on you more advice or guidance or maybe just to be a listening ear. I feel that you are more about your spiritual self today. Good news can come your way in regards to money or sparks of miracles can happen. Making you feel more thankful.


The focus for some of you turns towards issues with mother and not getting along with her today. Not the best day for looking at the comment on social media or voicing your opinion about anything. You may find others to very critical of your thoughts. Guess what your going to allow to affect your whole day. So stay off the comment bar


Even though others want to argue their point of view. You can see it but you use their argument against them or to make your argument make more sense. Not to worry you are able to win over people.Also with this energy you are to giving and you may want to think about why you are helping. What are you looking to get out of it? or are you helping for the sake of helping ?


For some of you , you may have  a reality check with some of your relationships. I feel that who ever you have imagine this person to be is not the person you thought they were. You may feel like others are taking advantage of your giving nature as well. Try today set boundaries with your helping and doing favor for others


Your relationships in general come into focus. Try not to focus on what other people are doing at work, or whats going on with them. Because you might be a bit jealous for them. Try to be happy for other people's good because allot of time. Are reality shows us through others where we are headed.  


This can be a fun energy day for you. You are very playful and planning get together with friends. If people are being competitive with you at work. And your not winning look out because you may explode on them. I think you might be a sore loser today . Try not to get overly competitive with others. You are in good spirits so try to align or do more things that make you feel happy