Monday, May 9, 2016



Moon still in Cancer and it's well aspected. You are in better spirits today. You may find others wanting to make plans with you or spend time with you. You may find yourself being their for some one who needs you right now to help them. Also a great day for manifesting what you want keep it positive today


This is a better energy when you have to deal with other people. You get along better with people , that you normally don't get along with . Also with this energy you may be able to read a room, honey. You know how to behave or how to act when things seem off with other people.


Leave work at work and home at home today. You need to give yourself a break between one or the other causing you tensions and strain. Also with this energy miscommunication, or no communication can happen today as you try to reach others. Especially important phone calls that you need to have maybe playing phone tag today


Watch your emotional self today. Certain issues maybe out of your control or caused by you .Disruptions make it difficult to stay focused for long periods; they can unpredictably change prearranged patterns. Whether from outside forces or by your own choice, reshuffling your schedule unexpectedly makes for an interesting time.


Flare ups with family can happen with this energy. I feel also today , is a time for emotional changes, or making some changes in general. For some of you starting over with certain areas of your life. For others reinventing the self.


When you help others , you help yourself. It makes you feel better emotionally, and also when your focusing on someone elses problems . Your problems have a way of resolving themselves.  Any problems that come your way, you can handle it . It may just actually be the confident booster you need


Reminder the moon in Cancer today is forming that beautiful water trine and you have a beautiful earth trine. This can be a very good day with business or career. If you keep the emotional self at peace today. This can also be a great day to manifest the things that you want at this time. Or you can allow this energy to run you. Like a bronco on a Tuesday. You know the theme song : Like a Rhinestone Cowboy


Oh your feelers are out today, and you are able to have a better understanding where other people are coming from . Even if you don't agree, you can still see why they do the things they do. This is a great energy for job interviews, for sells people, and for those on social media. People are just drawn to you today


The focus is on home and family. You may be receiving good news with property matters with the moon in your fourth house. Also you may reconnect with family members you haven't spoken to in a while. If your trying to change your emotional self today. Try to be consistent with that energy don't allow wrenches to ruin your peace of mind


This is a great day emotionally this energy might be to much for you. You may be a bit up and down with your emotions taking things personally. Knowing try to stay even keel about the wrenches getting thrown in your way.You need to pick and choose your battles


You are very competitive with this energy. This is a great day for property matters, fixing the home or growing your business. I feel with this energy, you have an opportunity to resolve matters with family members if you want to extend the olive branch.  I feel also with this energy, this is a time for secret lovers or crushing really hard on someone but not letting them know your intention


Great energy for problem. At this time there is growth going on with you in regards to career. This energy may give you more of a sense of purpose. I see on the job training happening today. I feel the desire to learn and grow is strong for you with this energy.