Monday, May 2, 2016



Moon is working it's way out of the sign of Pisces. You have a difficult time detaching your emotional self to  a situation that requires an objective view. Nothing is going to get resolved today , you need to work on letting go the situation. Unless your willing to listen to other person and view this situation objectively?


You are in a very social mood, but certain people that you don't get along with. The very presents of them may ruin your day. This is a very beautiful energy time for you focus more on aligning your thoughts with what you want. Not people or things that make you unhappy


This can bring out your creative side. You may have some creative hobbies you want to try today. Or you may be reading way into what other people are saying or not saying. Don't allow yourself go assuming. Worst comes to worst , ask the other person to explain themselves.


Try to plan things before jumping into new situations or trying to make things happen today. Don't be in a place of "Yes". Because you may get over your head with certain situations, or you may over exert yourself today, so much to do. So try to take breaks in your day


Your hang ups with relationships can up today. Even though it may be difficult with relationships really think about what you want in relationships. Could be your values our changing at this time, and your looking for something else. Also with this energy you maybe thinking about past relationships or being sentimental about the past


You might upset certain people in your life especially family members. As you bring back people from your past like the exs. Or you set out to do you, your own thing at this time. People in your life are not liking the way you are handling certain situations in your life


Some one or something in your life that you maybe doing is causing you blockage with moving forward. Also with this energy difficulties with the women in your life can come up. Because you don't want to talk about your feelings or your situations. Instead you want to fix there situation.


People you fought with last week, you may try to reach out to them today. You are more open to listen and to talk about your feelings about the situation. With this energy you are also open to help and allowing yourself to look at situations differently


Watch your emotional self today because you tend to be overly optimistic. Especially with hearing some good news. Try to not allow the wrenches in your  day to ruin your day or throw you off. Just keep that good feeling and align yourself with what you want


Not the best day to move forward with goals or plans. They can still happen just not with the moon waning at this time. Hold off your goals or projects for another day . Also today , you may find you started a trend at work or with the social media. You are either a trendsetter or breaker today


The way you treat others can be a bit of Jekyll and Hyde. You need to watch your emotional self because you maybe testy with others. Also you may find your own personal power through new situations that are coming today.


You need to becareful with your emotional self especially when you are alone with nothing to do. Idle minds is the devil playground. You are just allowing those negative thoughts to make even more unhappy . Do something productive at this time because when your busy . You do better emotionally and it puts you in a better mood