Friday, May 6, 2016



Not the easiest energy, you want attention , you may be a bit needy with this energy.You are very giving to your friends and you are more about their needs than whats going on with your private life. Also your life maybe to good at this time, and this is something your not use to . So you maybe stirring up drama.


Today your not communicating your needs or feelings to  others which can cause emotional stress at this time. If you don't want to do something today come clean and just say no. People will understand or they can get over themselves


If love opportunities appear at this time your jumping on them despite the fact it's mercury retrograde. You are more apt to say whats on your mind and be a bit brutal with your words. Also you maybe obsessed with certain situations that are going on around or in your life


You can be pushy today and it's not a good thing. Try to get a stop button on what you are doing especially when it comes to dealing with others. There's not much you can do at this time but say your peace and move on.


Major changes are happening today either about you or around you. Circumstances beyond your control can happen today. So try to go with the flow and careful with your things. Certain truths may come out at this time that you didn't were going on behind your back


You maybe letting someone in your life get away with bit to much. This is going to cause you to get the feeling your being taken advantage of. Which you are but the thing is your allowing so it's not really  the person's fault. At this time try to create boundaries with this person. Or instead of pussy footing just start saying no to things


This is a good time to call in favors from people especially if you feel the need to take off at work, or you need some help today.With this energy very fun energy time for some of you. You maybe winning friends also for some of you working on your social media pages today


This can be a fun energy time for you, and you may be feeling a bit more playful than usual.  This is a great time for creative juices to be flowing. Don't go assuming things that aren't happening. Get your facts first before you go gossiping about things  that are or aren't happening


You need to becareful with this energy as you go about reminiscing about the past. There are somethings that your bring up that certain people around you don't want to talk about. Or they may have a different way or experience from the one you have


 Today you may give great advice to friends but don't come off self righteous. You are a great problem solver and you are able to see the bigger picture in any situation. Also with energy you may be making plans or  having thoughts of the future


Even though this is a fun energy time for you , you are very optimistic with this energy.In silence you gain perspective into situations going on in your life. And introspective on whats going on with you on an emotional level.


You have this great ability to make everyone feel that they are part of a group even if you don't know them. Watch your emotional self as you go thinking about the ex, you can be overly emotional today. Also making emotional connections with others helps you feel better today