Thursday, May 19, 2016



Today you  are not in work mode. You are more about doing things you want to do and like to do. You may have to tap into that self discipline and will power to get things done. You'll find that you get great fullfillment when you help out others.


At this time you are more about your personal happiness and what you want to do . You may not be feeling like doing favors for others, or taking their shift. This may cause problems at work today. Or in general because you aren't about others just about what makes you happy. Some people may leave your life today because of this


You are forever embroiled in controversy with people in positions of authority or with family members. You are going to get allot of text and emails asking what's going on ,or I heard. You want and need approval more than you care to admit to yourself, but it must be on your terms. Or it can be for others like trying to be right again needing approval from others. It's best not to get anymore people invovle


You need to be grounded today. Especially with the problems you are dealing with today you may exaggerate certain problems. Make them out to be more than what it really is.  You may ignore others' advice and overreact emotionally when pressured. Expect today unpredictable problems and try to go more with the flow with them


You really need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off today.  Tone down your aggressive behavior.  You are in place of being very stubborn  on certain issues , and your not willing to compromise. Becareful what you do today because it will come back to bite you .


You shouldn't be so hard on yourself today.  Your watching everyone elses good, and your not looking at yours. Your looking for change and you can't see it. At this time relax and relax with the people around you today. Remember you have a beautiful earth trine to tap into. So try not to focus on everything that isn't happening,right now


This is a great day to understand yourself better, or to get to know yourself better. You have an easy time understanding others and where they are coming from. Because you more than likely been there and done that. Watch your emotional self today , because you maybe a bit aggressive with others. Especially when they don't do what you


You are more to yourself at this time, and you may not be going out or you may refuse to go out at this. You prefer to have deeper connections with your relationships. Also with this energy you prefer to do things that make you happy.


You are more than likely going to have a good day. You have a beautiful earth trine with a mystical rectangle, so there is the potential to make things happen but you have to do it.  You have the opportunity to jump on to new opportunities that present themselves today


Your relationships with others are highlighted today. Give others the chance today to make their own mistakes. This is a very popular energy here for you. You may find more positive attention around you, and people wanting to hang out with  or ask you out on a date


This is one of your quiet days where every one may say what's the matter with you. This would be a great time for good news to come your way. For some of you career growth can happen today, or some good talks about growing with the company


You are in better spirits today. You want to play, you want to be out and about with your friends. You are adaptable to others people's emotions, and you getting along well with everyone today. I feel your in a better headspace so your more social at this time. When your social is when you really emotionally thrive