Monday, May 2, 2016


This week you may be attracting a mentor or a teacher in your life. A love interest in your life may start putting rules and boundaries on you. Also with this energy a person in your life will be come critical of you. I do see the focus is on your love relationships. Decisions are coming up in regards to love. A potential love relationship can start but you are going to think about it at this time. You can see the other side's point of view, but only to better give you methods of bringing over the true believers to your side. 


 Letting go and letting what is to happen simply happen.Your friends may be staying children as you become an adult and move on.You are noticing you have nothing in common with certain friends who you were probably really close too.You are suffering under the weight of what was said publicly; either by yourself or by someone about you. You need to becareful with court or with relationships because you are being stubborn with certain situations. Look for a breakup to be devastating. You might be planning on dumping a lover and didn't realize that he might take it so hard. 


You will spend your money irresponsibly, while you will hold onto something valuable for sentimental reasons .The cards show a deep emotional connection with certain relationships. You maybe thinking of past of relationships, and feeling regret in leaving the relationship.Love and other emotions are being manipulated. The chance to have something you really want blinds you to the practical realities.Careful with following  these passions because it may lead you no where


Powerful transformations are happening this week but it's for the better . You are going to master a specific area of your life this week. Your a little more wise to the ways of those who would manipulate unconditional love for personal gain.An emotional stability that comes with being accepted by a partner is on its way.The cards show, a peaceful outcome of change in your life will be beneficial over a long period of time. There could be an overflow of demands on your feelings, but without having the facts in front of you, just feeling like you might be in the presence of a manipulative individual is reason enough to pull back on deep commitments. Sometimes people create a false sense of urgency. 


The energy is very giving to you this week.Being naive around this element will not serve you well. Careful with who you hang out with because it maybe a  rougher or shady crowd. Your relationship with an authority figure will change.  This person maybe a dominating if not cruel to you. You might be seen as a threat to someone You need to becareful with your actions because your way of doing things may catch up with you.You have immunity from having anything harm you when the forces of change occur.


There is a strong chance that your ideas and creative outlets will create controversy. Knowing this you can now take time to defend your approach. An irresistible goal may come within reach while you are concentrating your efforts on another area of your life. This dilemma will challenge you with what you've been waiting for and what you already have going on. Which one will you choose. A mastery over your life and a conscious effort to avoid negatively impacting things around you. This sitting-out process insures that your words and ideas (your swords) are not attacking anyone.


Not only will your situation soon be clarified, there will be an absolute and finite outcome related to your discovery of the truth. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.You have a natural creativity and business savvy that is being thwarted by spending your time in frivolous pursuits or a destructive relationship.With this beautiful energy you are your own muse and following your own drummer with this energy. Also this week you have a better control over your emotions to align them with what you want


A tempting investment opportunity is coming your this can be promising. A financial ultimatum  is in the cards which is impossible to ignore . With this energy you have a strong influence with your management or a powerful organization. At this time even though you are not getting along with certain people in your life. I do see confrontations happening with family.  You can still work towards a resolution with them.Also with love relationships a deeper connection is made. For some of you  a past life connection can be made, so you have lessons with this person. 


Love is emphasize this week, but I see this new love coming in has some rules for you to follow. I feel also with Also with this energy you may have a fun week with this person. Your way of thinking may change about a certain situation in your life. You are able to get a better perspective on things.Your higher consciousness shows valuable insight for your journey ahead as well as for those around you. You need to follow your hunches because they may lead you to opportunities. Someone from your past is coming back to reconnect with you.

Abandoning what comforts you as you strike out to take on the world,yourself confidence is up.You are not allowing drama in your life or your worries to affect you .Powerful transformations are happening this week for the better. At this time certain situations , you need to trust your intuition because you know what you are doing, even though you need assurance your doing the right thing.What keeps your relationship especially love relationships. Is to have something in common with the other person. 


Major decisions are coming up but you maybe holding out for something better, or you may think you can get more out of a situation. By not making any decisions.The cards show , you will find a way out of your mess. A domineering boss or lover may actually be better for you than you initially suspected. You need to let go of past hurts in order to continue moving forward.A mastery over certain events will make you feel more confident about yourself. Your cavalier attitude actually protects you from emotional stress and damage.   


I see a temporary break up at this time, and thinking about reaching out to your ex. Also for some of you , you need to own your part for the break instead of playing victim. You are in charge of something about which you hardly realize. Your actions are affecting lots of people and you do not even know the influence and impact you have. Careful with this energy because you have this need to prove yourself to certain people in your life, or to spite them. You maybe hurting yourself more than anything .You are battling with a liar who is powerfully convincing.