Thursday, May 5, 2016



Beautiful energy time for you. Enjoy this energy and remember to pick and choose your battles with this energy.This should be a fun energy time for you. Don't allow Debbie Downers today to take away your joy. Allot of positive things in regards to business or career can happen over the next two weeks


With Jupiter now direct this should be a beautiful energy time for you. You are more impulsive and willing to try new things today. Your more empathetic to the needs of others, but careful not to get to involved with their situation. Because you go over and beyond help and it may be to much on the pocket


You need to becareful what you say to certain people because it maybe very awkward or not the outcome you were looking for. You may need to speak up in order for your desire and needs to be met. You have difficult time saying whats on your mind with out being or sounding offensive


Today is a busy day for you, and you may have allot on your plate, or you may be dealing with allot emotionally. Take care of your mental health and body. You take on to much or other people's responsibility and you may get physically exhausted today. Take breaks , and make sure to say no to other people's responsibility


This energy you are being a perfectionist with this energy, and you want  everyone else to follow suit as well. Also with this energy you are more about working on your emotional self, or focusing more on your health with this energy. This would be a great energy day for you to manifest your needs and desires


You may have allot going on today. Also jot down your creative ideas especially those money making ideas. Also with this energy you tend to create mountains out of mole hills. Try not to make certain situations that come up into crisis situations.


A beautiful energy time for those of you with business or dealing with social media. You may find to get more traffic than usual. For some of you the focus is more on the physical and wanting to change something about the space you live in. Try to keep the energy positive the focus is also on family, so pick and choose your battles today


Watch your emotional self with this energy , you may be a moody fish . But this is a great energy to trust your intuition. Also a great energy to manifest the things that you want at this time. If you can only channel your restless energy into something constructive. You might have problems sleeping tonight


Thoughts and focus is on money, I feel at this time good news with money can happen over the next two weeks. Call backs and job interviews can come up today.The focus can also be more on socializing and get together with family. And talking about your childhood and the past with them


BEAUTIFUL ENERGY TIME, MAKE THOSE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!This is a great energy to tap into your hobbies. You may be feeling a bit more creative with this energy. You should have things go your way or get breaks with certain situations


You may be a bit obsessed with certain people in your life or people who you admire. You may want to learn more about them or get to know them better. Or you may be fixated on someone because they upset your really bad


This is a beautiful energy time for you. Over the next two weeks you may find yourself in better spirits You may find yourself wanting to update yourself with career or move in a different career direction with this energy. For some of you , you are growing with your company and receiving on the job training. For others career opportunities are coming up