Tuesday, June 14, 2016



Trust your intuition today, if it feels right than do it.At this time fights can start up with a women in your life. For some of you disagreements with mother can come up. You are more in control of your emotions today. You find balance with your energies especially when it comes to give and take


You may be a bit more tight with your pocket with this energy and also maybe looking for extra hours at work. Also the focus today is on your relationships with others. You may reach out to those you haven't spoken too in a while today.


You maybe a bit more interested in a way a particular person in your life works. Meaning you want to figure them out because you are very intrigue and curious about them. If you want to take the mystique out of the relationship. You might get bored and quickly move on, something to think about

Moon in the 12th house is well aspected today. For some of you tapping more into your faith. For others careful with this energy because thoughts become things today so watch your words. You are more thoughtful with your words. You are not quick to react to situations that are around


This is a great energy for business. You may find business may pick up a bit for some of you. For others of you, you maybe a bit busy communicating with friends and family.You might be invited to come out for get togethers or parties today.


Moon in the tenth house is very well aspected today. This can be a busy time for those of you in business. For others of you , this is a great energy for those of you in sells, or understanding what other people want and need. You now have a great opportunity to strengthen your sense of identity and improve the emotional security you feel in the personal areas of your life.


Watch your emotional self today, because you have difficulties trusting other people. You need to be consistent with your emotions especially when it comes to relationships goals with others. Because you say one thing but do another. Try to be open to criticism given to you today because this gives you an opportunity to grow and change.


Watch your emotional self. At this time you may feel smothered in certain relationships, or tension you two been and had is coming to the surface. There can stress or wrench thrown into your day at work or just doing your daily routine. Try not to get reactive with this energy


Go with the flow you'll have an easier day when you let go of controlling and you allow others to make their mistakes. Granted it will erk you and make you cringe, but your day will be less stressful. You maybe wanting to be in a more playful mood. Also with this energy you might be a bit creative at work , making it fun


Today you maybe that go to person , that everyone goes to for help or advice or just to be a listening ear too. Lots of attention surround you with this energy for better or worst. Also what ever past events or people that can come up as a thought release and let it go. This is a time for letting go


Today the focus is on family and get togethers with family. Watch your emotional self because you have stuff going on at this time that you don't want to talk about. This may cause some flair ups with family. Because it has nothing to do with them but things they are doing or saying may cause you to get reactive


Your focus is on your relationships especially love relationships. Things that were cute in the beginning of the relationship or that you tolerated in the beginning is now starting to annoy you.Today you two might be getting on each others nerves today