Sunday, June 5, 2016



This week for some of you travelling is coming up in the cards. Also with this energy power struggles can come up because your not seeing eye to eye with someone. Or they maybe stuck in their way of doing things just like you. Pick and choose your battles, you can always walk from a pointless arguement.Your emotional desire to get what you want blinds you to everything that you already have. You could lose it all to gain one specific goal, be it a lover or a career promotion, no matter; it will come at a great cost.Be Aware of the people you affliate yourself with . Some of these people are taking advantage of you or using and you have difficult time seeing it. Forewarned is forearmed.


The focus is on break ups, or quitting your job which is going to feel like a divorce. Also careful with love relationships because they maybe a bit more fragile so watch your emotional self. Careful with what you say to the other person. For some of you, if your at the bottom now is a recovery period through what ever situation you are going through. This week your getting a break and you are able to take time out and breathe for minute. Decisions that you make at this time the cards want you to stick to that path no matter what . The cards are showing me despite some situations coming up . All in all this is going to be a fun week for you.


For some of you this week a great energy in regards to career and money. There could be some power struggles because you feel like your not getting you fair share in a situation. Or you may have more responsibilities than the other person so this is going to cause problems or fights. With this energy this week for some of you, you maybe attracting a "bad boy" or "crazy girl" into your life. Which you wont really mind because for some of you . You are looking for a bit of excitement in your life. The more you go with the flow this week. You'll find that your situation isn't really that bad and helps with the relieving the emotional stress.


Careful with jump into business endeavors or careers that you have no experience in because people may call you out. Also for some of you, relationships in general maybe a bit more demanding on you. Asking more out of you than your willing to do.  A non-romantic partnership will be successful at a business or creative project. Careful with the decisions that you make in regards to break up or divorces. Because you aren't the only person who's going to suffer. With this energy also shows you going on a different life the path at this time, and this may or may not be a good thing.Also I see you leaving behind situations or people, who may have blocked you from your path of making money


You are your own worst enemy when it comes to being held back from taking charge of your own destiny. Quit blaming others and unleash your inner strength.With this energy you maybe collaborating with some one who is an expert in your field. Or you maybe receiving on the job training with this energy. Or you maybe relying on someone expertise in a particular field to help you out with a situation, don't worry you are in good hands. I feel with this energy family or in laws maybe making decisions for you. So careful with getting talked to into things you don't feel like doing.  The cards are showing me an interaction with one or more people convinced of the certainty and righteousness of their cause. Be careful to avoid letting them set an agenda that affects you, no matter how peace loving or open-minded they appear.


Decisions are coming up in regards to your peace and happiness this could be in regards to certain relationships or with career. I feel what ever decision you decide to make will be the right one for you. This decision will create more peace in your life. For some of you, I do see you getting your way in regards to a situation in your life. Good news is coming up this week. The cards show recognition being received either with a project, career or social media. There are either people coming back or situation is going to come where you are already made up your mind and there is no changing it. Also with this energy very important for you to trust your gut instinct with this energy


This week might be a quite week for some of you. For others you are working on yourself and working on changing either physical or emotional self. You may have opportunities to grow or people may offer  you a job. But you may refuse at this time because you really know what it entails or you like where you are now.You are more concerned about your personally happiness with this energy than with making money or growing with career. For you right now it's not about material things. Its more about your peace. Still see money opportunities or money coming to you this week, this can be with inheritance, custody money or with business.


With this energy property matters are coming up, also issues with neighbors maybe coming up this week. This week also you maybe connecting more with your inner child and you may not have a care in the world. With this energy you gain perspective on a situation going on in your life. This is a great time for investment opportunities or money opportunities. You got a green light this week with investment opportunities.For some of you in regards to career, you are being put on your life purpose. For some this may feel like a calling or a greater purpose.The cards also want you to know that this is a recovery period and things this week will start to turn around for you


Your communications skills are great. That even though you don't see eye to eye with some , you are able to work towards a resolution this week.Love opportunities are coming up this week. Money opportunities prove lucrative for you. A great time for investment opportunities.I see for some of you thoughts of moving coming up. Or this can be dealing with changes with career. For some of you , you are going to be going through some drastic and thorough changes. So try to go more with the flow this week and don't react to these changes. Because you'll just make it worst. For some of you this can be a good thing and this change coming up can be life changing. Or this can be like you being interviewed in a magazine or on the news


Not the easiest energy when dealing with others. Careful with love relationships , you maybe a bit controlling with this energy. Or you maybe expecting your partner to do more in regards to supporting your needs or getting things done. Example taking some of the responsibilities off of you. I feel also with this energy you are in fight mode, at this time. Practice self control because it will put you out of alignment with what you want.I also see some of you  working on your self , and making a move from the person you once were. When you appreciate already what you have; it leads to better self control.


Love opportunities are available at this time but this person may have  rules to follow, red flag. I do see that new relationships that come into your life. Maybe easy come easy go . Also with this energy you have a great level of self control. Also with this energy , this is a great time for ending with business or legal negotiations they will have peaceful resolution. This can be a great energy week for you. You are in better spirits with this energy.I feel also that you can find inner peace this week. Also with career and money, this week brings about a sense of emotional stability.


Trust your intuition this week. The cards show for some of you good news coming up also a win with court. I feel with this energy , you have the stamina to go after what you want and get it as well. With this energy you give really good advice to others. Look for your money situation to change for the better quickly this week. So if you been looking for a job , you may find a good paying job this week. You are better with taking care of your money situation. Meaning you have good self control with money and you spend it more responsibly.Keep a paper trail this week, and try to remember what was said to you. You maybe accused of cheating or creating some kind of fraud. You are involved in some kind of scandal this week