Thursday, June 23, 2016



This would be a great time for meditation and reflection. For some of you, you may want to be more to yourself at this time.Things that you've been holding in and holding back may come out today in a nasty . Try to practice self restrain and slow down your way of think. Counting to Ten is needed


With this energy you are learning to get along better with certain people. Reconciliations are possible at this time. As cooler heads do prevail today. I feel also at this time you are picking and choosing your battles with other. Your not in a fighting mood and looking for peace in your life


Good news is coming your way in regards to property matters, loan or move or even child custody with this energy. The focus is more towards your personal and home life. I feel at this time good news is happening and you want to go out and celebrate this weekend.


The focus today is more towards parents and family. Family members that you haven't spoken to in a while maybe trying to reach out to you. Or you maybe missing that family atmosphere with this energy. Also it's very hard for you to hide your true feelings


Careful with routine with your mate because they may want to go out or spice things up this evening. Even though you may not want to because you like routine try to comply and go out.Allot of conflicts can happen today because you not wanting to listen or do what others ask of you. Remember walks are always free and romantic


For some of you thoughts of Dejavu can happen with this energy or even your intuition may kick . People you haven't spoken to in a long time may reach out to you today. I wont be surprise if your thinking about someone and they show up or text you


You need to be aware of who you are talking too and how you speak to them. Some people might not understand your sense of humour today. This is a great time to mingle if your single with this energy. If you've been having your eye on someone chances are you two might start getting to know each other


With this energy you have an easier time starting a new chapter in your life. For some of you this change coming up today is going to be allot easier and smoother than expected. Also self control is needed in regards to certain situation that don't require the horns.


With this energy you might be saying whats really on your mind. Or you maybe more focus on your self and whats makes you happy. Watch your thoughts with this energy try to keep yourself grounded at this time. You may get what you want to an extent today . Or get closer to your goal but still have work to do


With this energy you are looking for something to do or you might want to go out with this energy. You are looking for something new to do or you may take the long home and to work today. With this energy you have great communication. You are able to get your way with certain things. But you have good communications and you can wheel and deal like no other


You maybe conflicted with what you want to do and what you are obligated to with this energy. You might be emotional fighting with your self today. I feel that you are trying to make someone or everyone happy but in the end only really upsetting yourself


I feel with this energy you may find yourself hanging out with an older group of people. Or friends who are a bit more mature and like to do quiet things .I do see at this time you prefer to do more quiet things than go out.  Also with this energy cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off . Because you tend to over react during this time