Friday, June 17, 2016


This week the Dali Lama made a statement in regards to prayer. How he is skeptical of prayer. The Dali Lama who I have been following since I was 13. I even went through rituals with his assistant and the Dali Lama is skeptical  of prayer? Even his hands gesture made it sound wishy washy. My brain or some parts of me made me feel sick. A spiritual leader criticizing prayer. I wanted to send my spiritual teacher Esther a note about this . Than  I remember what my other spiritual teacher Osnat said.  You have to be careful with how you prayer.
       Me and the Dali Lama both have something in common we were both kicked out of our homes. Disowned and never able to return to our homes. Except his  monks some of them burned themselves alive and for a while had to deal with "what now", and "where do I go". I didn't turn around or set myself on fire. I kept moving forward. Because I realized what I said in my prayers. I realized what I wanted in my prayers. The Dali Lama is the sign of Cancer. Like a Cancer he went into victim mode. Because God didn't hear his prayer. God heard a bunch of those monks prayers because they probably wanted to travel and get out of China. For some of them it probably felt oppressing to be there. Because at that time China was very oppressive.  This is a problem with group consciousness people are going to prayer for their agenda and their wants.  But if a group is praying for their safety or a way out of their situation than God is going to give it to you. I believe in prayer and I believe during that time prayers were answers for them.  We have to watch or careful how and what we are praying for.
         We have to watch our thoughts because thoughts become things. When we prayer out of anger or when we are praying because we are depress. We have to becareful with what we are asking for . We have to learn to own what we said in our prayer.Because God is going to give it to you . Like I say everyone prays for what we want but not the process. Sometimes to get what we want we have to go through a difficult process. We have to be homeless, we have to be starving, because what we are asking for in prayer is not meant for you in the present. It's meant for the person you become in  this journey. Thats who's prayer that is  for