Tuesday, April 12, 2016

13 April Daily Horoscopes by Marie Moore


Still the moon in your sign highlights obsessing over: worries, crushes or exs. Try to stay grounded with this energy, and use this time to pull yourself out of your funk.At this time , you are stepping on other people's toes and doing what you want. Now is not the time to do your own thing. Don't push others today


Moon in Cancer is forming a T-square with your 3,6,9 , so watch your emotional self. You maybe a bit hypersensitive with this energy. The conflict or problems you deal with today give you an opportunity to change the self. To help work towards your trueself. There is  a reason for everything, try to watch your reactive self


Change is happening today for better or worst so go with the flow and let go of control.You need to watch the emotional self because some of you are initiating the change. Either because you feel stuck in your situation, or because you want your way at work. Your very rebellious today , remember everything is cause and effect


Today some one is bringing up stuff from the past especially your past .This maybe a family member with this energy. This can bring changes or temporary separation with certain family members. Make sure to have a back up plan today, sudden changes in plans are more than likely


You need to becareful with this energy because you are in fight mode, and you are very impulsive in your actions. I feel at this time with certain people or situations your like a dog with bone and you don't know when to stop or leave someone alone.It's best to focus on what you can control, and to use that compulsive energy in a more productive like work or working out


For some of you, you might feel confused with your own personal power. On one hand , you want to assert yourself and say whats on your mind, but on the other hand you don't want to cause fight or worst a break up. It's best to wait, when the other person is in a good mood to have a talk about your feelings and desires.Cooler heads will prevail today


You need to watch the way you treat others today. Because you maybe a bit bossy and this may cause power struggles with others. It's best at this time  to go more with the flow than to tell others what to do. Because when you push today others will push back


Not the easiest energy today , don't expect things to go as planned. So watch your emotional self , because you may feel overwhelmed by the wrenches thrown into your day. You  need to watch your emotional self because you may overreact to unexpected changes. It's good to talk out your feelings instead of keeping it in


You need to learn for some of you to be honest with your feelings. People may feel that your being fake with them or that your hiding something. It's because you are not speaking your mind.Also with this energy shows you might not getting along with your children today.


You need to slow the train down today because you may have some obstacles or delays when it comes to your goals.Personal concerns may take center stage. Also with this energy friends or family may need your help or support with an issue going on in their life.I feel that others are also more reluctant to help you  which will naturally make you feel upset


Lots of activity going on in your third house, watch your thoughts because thoughts can be come things today.You are very competitive whether it be with career or just for fun , you are in it to win it . This is also a great energy to get things done especially things you've been putting off. Now you are motivate to make things happen


Watch your emotional self, especially those of you owning your own business. This is when your thoughts dictate your money situation. Also the moon is in hard aspect with your second so money can be slow  coming in today.You experience minor challenges to your sense of emotional security and contentment today, as other people question your motives.