Thursday, April 14, 2016



Moon still in the sign of Leo forming a beautiful fire trine in your third house. You'll find others are more willing to work with you and help you out. Today this is a popular time for you. You maybe planning out your weekend for get together. Lots of socializing going on


Moon in your second house forming a fire trine.A great energy for work and career, and job changes. This can be a good time for money, for emotional security or assurance of job security being talked about today


Moon in your sign ,watch for mood swings and watch out when your helping others. Help because you know it will inspire them to change and your not looking for a thank you. You are overly optimistic with this energy so a great time to watch words and thoughts and make sure they are in alignment with what you want


Moon is forming a fire trine in your 12th house .The focus is on working towards acceptance or accepting some people  or situations as it is what it is. For others this is strengthening family bonds. Today resolving issues with others or looking for a solution


Moon in your 11th house is forming a beautiful fire trine. Great time to make plans for the weekend. For others of you a great energy at work , people wanting to help you to grow. You maybe getting along with others who you normally don't get along with


Moon is forming a fire trine in your midheaven. Great time for growth with career or watching things go your way or your hard work paying off . Going out today or seeing some one you take the ordinary today and make it special


Moon is forming a fire trine with your ninth. This is a great energy to make things in your life happen. Also with this energy puts you in a good mood. For some of you good news is coming your way today


Moon forming a fire trine with your 8th house plus you got the beautiful earth trine. Today should be a very good day.You have a knack for attracting what you desire-take advantage of it. The emotions that you experience now should feel good and keep you in touch with the things that you value.


Moon in the seventh house is forming a fire trine. This is a great energy to take initiative at work or to make necessary changes in your life to better your relationships with others. Also this is popular energy time for you. You may find yourself out and about more or making plans for the weekend.Great energy time for those of you in business


Moon in the sixth house, this is a great time for business and career. At this time you are able to attract money opportunities to you.Also your energy is very soothing and you are able to put other people's mind at ease today . You are a big help


Moon in the fifth house. Everyone is wondering what you are up to tonight and wanting to do something. You may find yourself very busy and having much to do.Others may ask for help at this time, but really think about. Because it maybe their lesson to learn on their own


You have a beautiful fire trine in your fourth house . The focus is more on family and resolving issues with those close to you. You are able to get along better with others. And you are open to admitting your part to a situation