Sunday, April 24, 2016



You are not in playful mood today. You may take what other people say a bit to seriously. Beaware of your Saturn in the fifth house kind of sucking the life out the room. You prefer to do more quiet activities and to be more to yourself.


The lack of communication on your part is what's going to be the problem. Instead of pouting speak up about what you want and talk about your feelings and concerns today.I feel today you may be more quiet than usual. Rather than brooding about things not going your way. Try to work on your emotional self and discovering your real feelings. What is the true feeling behind the anxiety and the worry?


You are very focus on goals and making them happen. This energy you are tapping more into your certainty.Others might find a bit flaky because you are saying one thing and doing another. So try to realize what you are doing and saying today.


Careful with this energy, because you maybe moving to fast and not looking at the details. Try to slow down, and get things organized first before you move on to the next. Also you maybe a bit accident prone.You may be butting heads with women in authority or mother


You maybe asked to work more hours because no body else seems to be unavailable or are already working. Do you leave them hanging or help them out that is the question. Think of it this way the next time you need help or a favor__________ , you can fill in the blank.Yeah were petty like that


Watch your way of thinking , thoughts can become things.Today you may be receiving good news in regards to: a loan,family matters, personal matters, or court over property matters.Also with this energy , you are getting along well with other people at work.


You benefit from women when it comes to helping your business grow , or helping your social media page to grow. Also with this energy you have an opportunity to create the reality you want but you maybe being a bit lazy about today. Try not to focus on comments people are making on social media. Also watch what you say at work to others because your opinion will prove unpopular


There could be decisions coming up in regards to your career path. I feel at this time for some of you, you may have to many options to choose. For others you maybe thinking about going in a different direction with your career. For some thoughts of going back to school or changing majors can come up


For some of  you , you may socialize with a much younger crowd to keep you feeling youthful. Also this is a great energy for the creative Rams, and tackling new creative projects. Your body language and your words are saying two different things. Be self aware of  what your arms and hands are doing today


Be honest today when it comes to your mistakes at work. The quicker you own your stuff the quicker it get resolves, and it's not going to be major big deal.The longer you hide it , is when it becomes the problem.


Don't feed into other people anger. At this time you are attracting controlling individuals. Just don't give them an argument be passive . Because the more passive you are towards them . Than they will leave you alone eventually. Plus everything is cause and effect so it will happen to them .Put things today on a spiritual perspective


You need to slow down today, you maybe a bit accident prone or forgetful.  Watch your emotional self today because it may cause health problems.Be more aware of how you are treating others because they may find you to bit harsh or to controlling.