Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 20,2016 Daily Horoscopes by Marie Moore


Watch your emotional self, you feel very strongly about certain situations and it's very hard for you to turn the other cheek or let it go. You maybe so worked up,the more people try to help. The more it intensifies your need to take action. This is ego talking and let go. Don't feed the ego


Watch your emotional self today. You need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. Also with this energy , you are emotionally eating or going on a spending spree. Because something is not right in your world. This is how you reacting to the situation instead of dealing with the situation, or letting it go .


You need to change your way of thinking or put that energy into something constructive. The situations you go through today is helping you to change your way of thinking. Today try to listen more to what's being said so you can have an opportunity to change


You may get a bit crazy with the spending today so careful . Today you are attracting to you emotional people or emotional situations. Because your emotional self maybe a bit down or a bit every. As above so below, try to keep the energy calm and learn to say no today .


People may leave your life at this time because they are aggravating you. You may become extremely frustrated with certain people. Learn to walk away because it's in your nature to stay in the fight. Learn to pick and choose your battles today


Cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. Today you are very reactive.Some issues may reach their breaking point. Your response to the situation maybe a bit exaggerated and strong. I feel also you'll make more out of the situation than it's called for.


You have a beautiful earth trine so despite the wrenches being thrown in your date. Try to focus your thoughts on positive things. Watch your emotional self because self control is needed today.When we restrict the ego, we receive blessings. We change our situations something to think about today


Today , you maybe on egg shells with certain relationships. You are trying to be a people pleaser. This is going to bring mental anguish because you are not being your trueself, and your not living in your truth. Cracks with in some of your relationships may appear. People you put on pedestals may not be worthy of being put on that pedestal

You have allot of beautiful energy in regards to moving forward with business and career. Wrenches will get thrown into your plans today making you reactive. If your going to do battle with people in power. Keep your motives pure.You need to stay aware of what will benefit the whole situation rather than concentrating on your own often-selfish motives.


You are assuming way to much. Try to be matter of fact when it comes to other people. What you think they might be doing, or what they really think about you. Be about the facts and what you've seen with your own eyes not the fantastic story going on in your head. Moon in the second house is in a bad aspect today so business or career can be frustrating


You maybe bring out some mix singles to others.Your saying one thing and doing another. Try to be honest and open about your real feelings. Difficulties with family members can come up today, or even difficulties with roommates can happen at this time.Change is center around the home and family


Watch your emotional self not the easiest energy today there is allot going on with you. You need to learn how to channel your energy especially negative energy into something more constructive. Try not to read into situations or in between the lines. Try to see things as black and white not 50 shades of purple