Sunday, April 17, 2016


Moon still in Virgo,watch your thoughts because thoughts become things today. Your emotional self maybe a bit up and down today. So try to be consistent with your energy. You'll find those close to you or at work looking at you funny.One minute you were crying now your like enjoying life, uh huh

You could be neglecting certain areas of your life like:work, home or business. Because your social or personal life is becoming the focus. Careful with customers, women or what you say today.Because your first response is to react and not in a good way. Leave work at work and home at home

You need to becareful with the words that come out of your mouth. They can be thoughtful and thought provoking. Or they can open a can of worms that you didn't even intend to go there.Check your mouth because it may set off . A turn of events that you didn't expect to happen

The focus and tension is going to come from your relationships with others . There can be misunderstandings, and frustrations.Try to slow your way of thinking. You can be emotionally processing a situation. You may not be able to explain or understand the true feeling you are feeling. Which may cause confusion when talking about the situation to others

You get allot of fulfillment, when you are working in groups or teams. Also when you are helping out family members. If your feel depress, try creating something or the adult coloring. Because delving or tapping into your creative is what makes you the most happiest.

You need to find balance or self control. You want to have fun at this time and you want to put off certain things for later. Which can get you in trouble later on down the road. Luck, balanced with quiet assessment, is your path of turning opportunity into substantial "real world" gains.

You maybe stuck with a dilemma, or a temporary problem at work or with family. What you think you should do and how you feel about something or some one is at odds.  You need to do the right thing because it's the right thing but ego tells you nah.

You are conflicted with  what you think you should do and what you feel is right. This struggle can cause problems in your relationships with others. On the other hand, this inner discontent can also motivate you to ask for more from life in general.

Problems with others can happen today .You need to acknowledge your sensitive side and that you do take things that people say the wrong way. Either ask them to explain or walk away. Focus on slowing down your reactive before speaking

New friends or associates are coming into your life. You have to really get to know someone at this time. Because that person may lead you down a path that you don't want to be on. People who you fought with may reenter your life. The problem is you don't know , what the fight was about or you don't know who started the fight. Don't worry the planets will help remind you

You are open mind to new situations which will lead to some fun adventures today or outings.  You are very childlike and that playfulness and essence that you bring to the table. Is what attracts other to you .  

Through conversations with others you may be inspired to go down a different career path. Or may inspire to you to try a different way of thinking. This is a great energy to read people, You have a better understanding now how certain people in your life work.