Wednesday, April 27, 2016



Watch your emotional self with Pluto conjunct with the moon. There can be miscommunication going and also you take certain words to hurt. These could be trigger words that are unlocking some past hurt that you are still not over with. This would be a good time for reflection and work through past hurts


Today you maybe stepping on other people's toes. Because you are going to do what you want and you aren't going to let anyone no or disregard their advice. Watch your emotional self today with power Pluto putting the focus squarely on your needs and wants. Try not to give ego everything today


Watch your emotional self today because you are in fight mode. This could be all those feelings you've been bottling up all week finally coming out. Watch for mood swings today, I feel people in your life don't know who they are getting, Doctor Jekyll or Mr.Hyde


The moon in the fourth house dealing with family matters and issues. The issue or focus is on mother or mother figure in your life. Changes with the home or family can occur today. You could hear of surprise news happening to a family member


Not the easiest energy with others. Your insecurities may come up around certain people especially those in authority. Also watch how you treat others because you may overreact to situations, or take it out on others. Keep that tail at bay today


There could be certain situations or certain parts of your reality or people your not willing to face or to talk too. You wont ask for help from certain people you are not to talk to spite yourself. Also with this energy, you have an opportunity to ask from help from your past but you refuse  


Not the best energy today with your moon conjunct with pluto. You are an emotional reactor allowing everything little thing to get to you. Try to channel that emotional energy into some thing more productive like work, or exercise. This energy if not put into something productive can be counter productive. Especially in regards to getting what you want, or keeping your love relationships.    


Today you can reveal secrets or find the truth into situations. Also you may hear some truth coming out of the grape vine that maybe very surprising. Also with this energy your own truth may get uncover with this energy .


Positive changes can happen especially to your emotional life. Good news or your manifesting may pay off today. Which will have you thinking thoughts of future , future.  Also your personal values may start to change. As you are reevaluate your true needs and desire


Good news is coming in regards to money. Sun in the second house is very well aspected. Making this a good time to earn more money by working extra hours, money incentives,or getting a second source of income .


Problems that happen today wont likely get resolved anytime soon. Also with this energy you are very impulsive so watch your spending. Also watch the way you treat others. Because you are a bit nit picky and wanting everything a particular way .


For some of you changes are happening today but this is for the better. When you help others with their problems, you'll find that your problems tend to resolve themselves. Especially when your not focusing on them.Also you can expect sparks of miracles to happen at this time.