Thursday, April 28, 2016



You are extremely sensitive when it comes to other people. You tend to take things a little bit to personally. Try to slow down your reactive self and ask the other person , what did they mean? Or let them know it offended you? Because they may not know that you are taking what they are saying to heart


This is a great time for career, or getting what you want today, all you have to do is ask.You need to follow your hunches because it will get you exactly what you wanted, or open up opportunities for you with your goals or career


You are on auto pilot at work, if aint fun your not doing it. You are preoccupied with other things today.You are more concern with having fun and having good time. Work may seem a bit of burden and annoying to you. Or you may skip out on work or school today because you rather play  


You need to create boundaries in some of your relationships, because they are either putting you on the spot with certain situations. Or they are asking you to do to much and you might not have time for their problems. It's not easy some times saying "No" but sometimes we have to or else it's going to turn into the evil eye, and you'll resent them.


This would be a great day to tap into your creativity.You'll see that it creates a peace for you and allows you to align your thoughts with what you want. Others may call upon you for help. Or you may take initiative and lend a helping hand.


You have people behind the scenes wanting you to grow and promoting you.Even though your in a good mood. Your energy is kind of everywhere, try to channel that energy towards work or something productive. This is a great energy to help others and to guide them on their journey


Watch for mood swings with the moon in your first house. You new people are coming into your life. Be cautious with the new people you come into contact with . Don't believe everything you hear today.


Try to stay out of the gossip today, because it may get you in trouble. At this time watch your emotional self because your aligning your feeling with what you want or don't want.For some of you , you may feel defeated at this because your dreams are not matching up with your reality. Try not to delve into this energy because everything is temporary and this to shall change


Issues with the women in your life can come up today. Also for some of you being more to yourself.At this time if you are looking for information or the truth into a situation . You are more than likely to find it today.


The focus is more towards love relationships, and you wanting to spend more time or focus on your love life. Even though you still have this beautiful energy going on watch your emotional self. Again the focus is on love relationships, and you don't want to rehash old situation that happen in January on another Mercury retrograde


Careful with this energy because you seem like Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde today.Careful with this energy because you have a difficult time expressing your true feelings to others. You may not have the right words to describe how you feel today. Do try to express that to others so they have a better understanding of where you are coming from. Or they can help you with that problem


I feel that at this time , you are making plans to get together with friends or family. For either tonight or for the weekend. People want to help you more and want to be around you. Watch your emotional self because you are reading into what other people are saying. This can result into hurt feelings