Friday, April 22, 2016



This can be a fun time with friends and lovers. But you maybe a bit nit picky or wanting things your way. Let go of control and enjoy yourself tonight. Who cares your getting what you want . Moon in Scorpio in your fifth house , is well aspected  you benefit from this when you are having fun and in good spirits. To help align you more with what you want


Today you need to slow your roll down allot . Because a situation with what some one saids to may sound offensive. Your ego wants to take as offensive but your subconscious is telling you to slow down, Ask for a second opinion or ask someone to explain the situation before responding


Today you maybe feeling the need to have get togethers, or do more family orientated activities. Your feelings are very nostalgic and wanting that family bond or reminiscing about childhood to other family members today.


Careful with the women in your life. You maybe butting heads with them or not getting along at all.You need to watch your emotional self because you are not scared to say whats on your mind. You maybe a bit moody today.


Today lots of communication going. You may hear from people from your past or even bump into them randomly out of know where. Don't believe everything you hear or read today, they may be just talking for the sake of talking. Or they may be trying to say the right thing to get back into your good graces


The focus today is on home and family. You may be running errands for other people,  You are a very strong leader and friends and family look towards you for help and advice. I feel also people today are more likely to confide in you their secrets or a bit of gossip happening


Today you want to be more to yourself , and do quiet things like:gardening , shopping, driving around, or reading.I feel also today you may find yourself feeling a bit more optimistic with future plans. Or you have a feeling certain situations are going to work out in your favor


This would be a great time to listen to your intuition and pay attention to your dreams. Try to touch down on earth because you are day dream and allowing your thoughts to carry you away. Which is fine I like to check out too, but it doesn't fix your problems


You are allowing your emotional self to get the best. You need to help yourself and start pulling yourself  out of your emotional self. You maybe obsessing about things that are out of your control. Give your concerns and worries to God at this time. It's a powerful spiritual time because today is Passover


Careful with people in authority like parents, or managers there could be some confrontations at this time if you choose it to happen. Try to break the viscous cycle of ego and try to see where the other person is coming from and learn to compromise.


Careful with  your relationships especially love relationships. Brings about powerstruggles with Mars in the 8th house. Try to break the ego and allow the person control, or at least compromise. With this energy it also gives you an opportunity to learn more about other people in your life


Despite the mutuable cross going on in your chart. This would be a good time for the power of prayer and delve more into metaphysics. You are very good at problem solving and seeing the bigger picture on situations going on in your life. I feel you are very  good at problem solving in regards to money issues