Monday, April 25, 2016



Watch what you say to others, I feel that you are trying to get respect out of certain people in your life and thats not happening. Also problems with those in authority or power struggles with love relationship or with children can happen today


Thoughts of moving can come up now, also property matters are highlighted today. Also with this energy , you maybe thinking about past hurts.Certain words  or situations can bring up those negative memories. Giving you an opportunity to release them.


You need to follow or trust your hunches today because you may be at the right place and right time for someone in your  life. Or this person can help you in regards to career. Or at least point in the right direction


Your thoughts today are towards your finances and thinking about ways to save money. This is a great energy to tap into creative project or writing. Today seeing is believing, lovers or friends maybe telling you things you want to hear today


You are getting a break from Saturns' heavy energy. You may feel the need to help others or to even cheer them up today by having get togethers. Today you bring the fun to anything that you do .Even at work , you maybe a bit of perfectionist but you make the time fly by


Careful with your emotional self today. You are very quiet and keeping more to yourself , sometimes this can be good thing of reflection or reevaluating certain situations. Or some one could have said or did something that made you mad. You want them to know that your mad at them by keeping silent. But they really don't know thats what your silence means


Follow your hunches or your intuition when it comes to money making opportunities or job opportunities. For others of you are taken advantage of certain opportunities to make yourself look more reliable at work, or to certain people in your life


Surprises in regards to money or opportunities can happen today.You are very competitive when it comes to career, but careful to not take this competitive energy into your love relationship. Some of you are more careful with your love relationships. Can see this balance and it's very fragile balance in order to maintain the relationship


Watch your emotional self because you take things way to personally today, or your not talking out your feelings which you will explode on the other person at a latter time. Beaware of your emotional self and mercury is going in to retrograde this week. So there may be allot of misunderstandings now.


Trust issues with the people at work , or love relationship can come up.Try not to read others because it will create more problems with your emotional self, and ruin your peace of mind. You may be making a situation into something more than what it actually is.


You benefit from the help of others with this energy. This is a great energy time to move forward with career with the help of others. Also a great energy to get involve with collaborations or working with groups.Who ever wants to help you out at this time let them


This is a great energy to impress the right people to help you move forward with career. At this time  you maybe a tad bit sensitive because you want everything to be perfect. So try to go with the flow, and trust your hunches today.