Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 18,2016 Weekly Tarotscopes by Marie Moore


This week with mercury retrograde shadow going on . You are more leery of new people coming into your life especially love opportunities.At this time you are working towards finding more peace in your life. The wisdom to leave behind excessive behavior produces a material security without the obsession for big spending. A turn events is happening this week , so I wont be surprise if people from your past come out of the wood work.You are very convincing this week . Your communication skills are very powerful and you can influence others with your words


The focus is on current love relationships and the power struggles going on with them. I see this lover as having a certain rules for you to follow. This is a great week for growth with career. I do see recognition and more responsibility coming to you. The cards show change for the better with career. They foretell,an unexpected promotion of which you could never have dreamed. In the final chapter you will win the war after losing every battle.This week you are crossing over to a better chapter in your life.Your playtime is actually valuable in bringing about creative solutions to projects on which you could make money and gain acclaim.  


This week focus is on your love life. I feel for some of you, you are creating a deeper bond and growing with your partner. For others a karmic love starts to come into the picture. Which means that you two have lessons to learn with each other. This week help from family members may be possible.  Money is at the root of all problems and is likely central to any of the solutions that should come about.For some of you , your allowing your money situation to affect your week. For some of you this week , you may have a positive life altering experience 


This is a great week for career, and recognition for your work. You manage to impress a very important person with a recent accomplishment. Often that person can be you, and the breakthrough will lead to a new found level of self-respect.  Your energy is a bit up and down , find a creative outlet, like the adult coloring book to help balance your energy.With this energy you need to trust your intuition .  A domineering boss or lover may actually be better for you than you initially suspected.At this time for some of you. May do with out certain people or things in your life in the name of personal integrity, dont tred on me!


This is a very good energy week for you. I feel things will be going your way in regards to business or career. There is an emphasis on money but I feel this is good news with money. I see you feeling more emotionally secure with this energy. So let go of your worries and be patient with the energies that are out their. Manifest what you want into your life this week . This week for some of you , you are more about perfecting your craft and updating yourself with your career. For some of you money matters are more emphasized but I feel that its just  you worrying


You may take caution this week as new situations and people are leading you somewhere. But your slow downing and questioning everything before moving forward. I feel that for some of you. In order to get what you want out of a situation, you may have to play by someone else rules. The presence of loud but ultimately harmless critics who will only make you more assured of what needs to be done. Show love opportunity becoming available to you but this could be a karmic love, so slow down and get to know this person. Also it shows the man or women , you are dealing may have mommy issues or may already be spoken for. Get to know the new people coming in


At this time, you are playing with ideas. I feel you have allot you want to do but everything is up in the air nothing is definite at this time. Your struggle will succeed in convincing others to come to your side of the argument. There is a battle going on either with you or around you at this time , there are teams to pick.Who side are you on? In regards to career or business and does show a current success on projects that are going on.This week you may find your strong point is problem solving either your problems or other people's problem


Major decisions are coming up in regards to negotiations. For some of you working towards a solution. For others you maybe confused or not sure which direction you should go too . Or what is your next step.I see some of you wanting change but just thinking about it. A roommate situation will resolve itself and you need not get into a battle.  This is a time of property issues may come up , foreclosures. The best situation in the case of property matters is going to be to walk away from the situation , the cards are telling me.


A domineering woman or man in your life is best dealt with by passivity instead of confrontation. Bore the bossy people and they will look for others to boss around. You will be rewarded with a leadership position after a hard-fought victory.For some of you , the planets are slowing down a soon to be victory so it will be that much more impressive.A victory is at hand that will be big news, catapulting you to a higher social standing. Look for a big improvement in your mastery over a specific area of your life that has up until now been troubling you. 


Something is awakening in you.Something that sets you apart from others. The transformation is beginning, and being alone in your own element helps you take the most advantage of this. Artists and musicians can make big breakthroughs this week . If you are feeling like a Plain Jane, seeing all those wands will inspire some private experimentation leading to a grand makeover that makes you sizzle in the public eye.The cards show you being a hermit and staying more to yourself. Enjoy yourself and find balance by socializing with others.Are purpose is not to just be working to the almighty dollar but to be with each other. 


You maybe staying more to yourself with this energy and with your worries which isn't mentally healthy. I feel with this energy this week, family and in laws may have more of say in your life than you do. The emotional connection that you make with your new friends will be deeper and more satisfying, although you will also be risking more of revealing the real you. For some of you ,this is a great time to be a leader at work or trend setter on the social media.Your emotional responses are at the core of your current situation.  There could be an overflow of demands on your feelings, but without having the facts in front of you, just feeling like you might be in the presence of a manipulative individual is reason enough to pull back on deep commitments. Sometimes people create a false sense of urgency.


For some of you , the focus is  on your money problems or looking for a loans.There is an emphasis,  on  the bitterness of carrying such a load and you may find that you are complaining to people who would have tried to help you had you just been polite to them. This is a lucky energy time for you in regards to business and career.Also with this energy you maybe a threat to some one in a higher position. This energy brings about your creative side and good ideas but the problem is the timing