Monday, April 18, 2016

April 19,2016 Daily Horoscopes by Marie Moore

This is a great time to learn things or delve into hobbies that interest you.  This is a great time for career, you are very confident and excited about work. For some of you promises are being made for you to grow with the company. You are getting more attention for management which is making feel important

This is  a great energy time for career, and business. For those in business a time for growth. For other airbenders moving forward with career. With this energy you need to learn to accept yourself. To accept what you bring to the table. You may not fit the mold and thats cool, be you.

This is a popular energy time for you be it at work or with social media. People tend to follow your lead. For some of you , you maybe setting a trend. You enjoy being in a leadership position today. Also with this energy you are a bit of fighter when others try to tell you what to do

This is a fun energy time for you. But people from your past or current friends want to re hash old problems and fights at this time. You are more willing to cooperate and help others with loosing site of your goals. You are very competitive with this energy, where their are victories be graceful in your defeats too.


Your determination to succeed may cause you to trip over yourself.Be more self aware of how you are treating others, and be more thoughtful today in your actions. Be about others not about you and you'll be fine. If you need to correct point out their error and be done with it; don't make it into an argument    


You do have a mutable square today. With this energy there can be drama happening around you not involving . For others you may get corrected or feel restricted with certain relationships. This is a great time for money matters, or moving forward with business or career.


Moon moves into your fourth house in the sign of Libra. The focus can be on home and family. Either communicating with them more today or planning to spend time with them this weekend. Also your emotional self is a bit down and people may be wondering what's wrong with you. Right now you don't want to talk about your feelings. At the same time it doesn't make you feel any better


Moon in your third house today. For some of you, you maybe a bit of perfectionist in your work. Everyone today sees were your at now but they don't know how much work you put in or how far you really actually come to get there. What looks like you being lucky or getting things handed to you. Isn't that but the hard work that is finally paying off


This is a great energy time to move ahead in career or get your way with certain things going on in career. Today you come through for others, or this is a great time to get things done at work.You are able to talk about your feelings to others this will create a better idea on where you are coming from.


You loose focus when you are doing repetitive work. Anything that is new and fast interest you more today. Makes you feel like to work . Also with this energy despite Mercury retrograde shadow. You may meet someone new today. This can turn into something more romantic.


Today you want to enjoy your day. Your not taking work to seriously nor your day to seriously. You may find yourself having get together after work or making plans for the weekend.For some of you , you are recharging yourself and spending time to yourself


Today, you know what you want and to take steps towards getting what you want. This is a great energy to get things done. Watch your emotional self today, you are a bit more moody than usual. For some of you, you may be feeling a bit sorry for yourself.