Monday, April 11, 2016

April 12,2016 Daily Horoscope by Marie Moore

Moon in your sign watch for mood swings with this energy. Work can feel stressful today .Because you are thinking about your personal life, when you should be leaving work at work and home at home.
You have difficulties communicating your true feelings or feelings because you are unable to communicate or understand yourself how you really feel. Your like a psychic sponge so you are picking up on other people's feeling. Try to discern between your feelings and new feelings that are coming in
You need to learn to be emotionally consistent because you have a Doctor Jekyle and Hyde personality . Despite your emotional self, you have a great gift of comforting others. Also with this energy it shows you socializing and having fun
Change happens for better or worst in regards to career. For some of you starting a job ,and for other leaving it. Sometimes you draw people to you during this period who need you or need to be around you.Nothing is a coincident
This would be a great day for the power of prayer or staying positive. This is a great energy to move forward with business endeavors. This is a great energy where you are getting along better with people around. You may find yourself able to talk your way in to and out of any situation
This is a great energy time for money and career, promises are being made now in regards to career, even good news coming your way in regards to job interviews. This is a good time for negotiations.Some of you need to tred careful in regards to what you want to do and what your obligated to do. Maybe at odds with each other, do what you promise to do
This is a great energy for your hard work and determination in regards to your goals or career. Be realistic in what you can do right now. You seem to have this need to prove yourself to others , and this is going to cause problems later on
Take time to satisfy your needs. They are more easily fulfilled today because you know what you want for yourself. To do you are more motivate to take care of others, or even motivate to take care of things you've been putting off like cleaning
Your timing is off today and because things are getting a bit stressful or worrisome. You are more incline to delve into bad habits. Because you are looking for ways to escape your problems instead of dealing with them head on
Today you may go running to mother for help or advice. The focus is on family and home, and for others thoughts of family are coming up today.You bring the fun in anything that you are doing today,why because it's your birthday, Cheers !!
Change is happening today but no worries you quickly adapt to what ever change come your way. You are the first to raise their hand to anything dealing with creativity or new projects. For some of you ,you could be in hippie mood and having a live let live attitude.
For some of you change is happening and some situations in your life may make you feel vulnerable.Today you benefit from helping others or focusing on other people problems.Meeting someone at this time who seems more than just a casual acquaintance can develop into a successful long-term partner or friendship