Thursday, April 21, 2016



You are very empathetic to other people, and you are able to maneuver through those different personalities with ease. At work or with business , you can tap into your competitive energy when needed. After work the romantic comes out. Not in regards to love relationships but the way you see life, you see it as a romantic


we are still dealing with the new moon energy in your fourth house. Careful with love relationships for some; for others the focus is on the home. Also with this energy thoughts of the past begin to come up. For others you need to be more honest with yourself about your needs and desires


Today , despite the astrological energies going on in the sky. Trust and follow your intuition. You have a fire under your butt when it comes to goals or things that you want.You have a clear picture of your picture and are able to understand better what you need to do.


This would be a good energy to do affirmations or the power of prayer. Be aware of your moods if your trying to do spiritual work, or metaphysics work. You have this need to be a know it all and to be right. This will put you out of alignment with what you want, but you are feeding your ego. Try to catch yourself and allow the others person to learn their lesson


You need to be careful with this energy , power struggles with family members can happen. You have a hard time moving forward with career or goals, unless you get some kind of recognition or blessing from others to go a head. It's not good to look for recognition in others because some of us don't want you to change


With the moon in Scorpio in your 12th house. Watch your emotional self because you maybe worrying over nothing or your worry maybe bring to life what you don't want to happen. You are looking for fun and adventure. Any Debbie downers around might get shunned by you today.


Your allowing your ego aka the emotional self to control or ruin your day. You are their for others when they need especially today. Friends and family may lean on you for emotional support or to help them through a situation going on in their life


Keep your thoughts positive aligned with what you want. You need to reel in your thoughts of future and be a bit realistic at this time. I'm not saying it can't be done , it can but it will take time. Something I'm working , you shouldn't give people power, especially now days. Because we have to learn to accept others people opinions and than if it's making us feel reactive, walk away


You need to follow your intuition and pay attention to your dreams. You can relate better to others. For some of you inspire and lead others to do better. For some of you , good news comes your way but keep your feet planted, when it happens MAZEL


Your thoughts are focus on what happens after work than what going in your present. Try to act a bit interested in your job today even your thoughts definitely on whats happening later. Relationship issues come up as you want your needs met, try to communicate those needs


At this time people maybe telling what you want hear do get you off their back, or to keep you around longer. Seeing is believing today. This is  a great day to try something different , a new restaurant, or the scenic route to work. You may even trying to get a group together so you can go out tonight and try something new


You may get some looks from others, as you have your ways of doing things. As long as you are working towards the  same goal, who cares how you do it as long as it gets done.Also  if  you have a good idea, don't be scared to speak up because you wont believe how much you'll impress others