Friday, April 15, 2016



Moon still in Leo trying to leave.For some of you , you maybe avoiding situations or people that make you reactive or annoy. Instead of speaking up today, you are going to fake your nice put a smile and prayer that time goes by quickly


You are more open minded in trying new things or places. You are more curious about your surroundings.Also this is a great energy for business ventures or creative artist because your thinking is very original.Don't give up on your dreams, keep them in mind for another time.


Your allowing lack because you can't afford to do certain or worrying over money. Which is taking the fun out of your life. Enjoy your moments you have to do and let go of situations that you cant control .


Keep it honest at this time because secrets maybe revealed today.Also you maybe a bit more quiet at this time recharging your batteries from the week. Nothing is wrong with you , your just recharging, but you may want to let others know


Today , you may be a bit peeve or mad over a situation not going your way, or someone may not  be doing what you want. Which may ruin the rest of your day as you allow this annoyance to fester inside, is it worth it? try to work on letting it go


For those of you working today try not to work to hard because it will affect your health.For others of you making plans for the future are coming up. At this time trust your intuition to give you the guidance you need to move forward.


You may have a better understanding on how your partners mind work or maybe how your parents way of thinking really is.Not the best day for focusing and thinking , thank goodness its the weekend. Try to focus on situations that require no thought today


Your allowing your insecurities to get the best of you in regards to your relationships in general.This is a great energy for planning get together, and hanging out this week with friends. For others of you a great time for career and moving forward with business


The focus is on shopping today, and making the home a bit more comfortable for you. At this time your not trying to create drama or start drama with anyone. You may even go out of your to pretend to like someone, or pretend that nothing is wrong today


This is a great energy for coming with creative solutions with problems that have been going on. Also an energy where some of you might think of collaborating with others. You come up with good ideas and fun ideas to keep everyone entertained

You get allot fulfillment work or helping others out. Also with this energy you really elevate your emotional self when you are doing group activities with friends. With this energy you can accept your routine and your responsibilities today


Be careful with this energy , you maybe possessive with your friendships or a bit jealous when the attention is not on you.  You have a tendency to do this so knowing it,how about we not go there today. Enjoy  your Saturday .