Sunday, April 10, 2016



Negotiations are coming up this week either with court or business. You can look forward to a peaceful out come.For some of you , you are at a crossroads in your life ;for others major decisions. The choices you make at this time will have a life time of positive signs we are in the right direction. You maybe have to pick sides at work in regards to who's right or wrong, or a break up and picking sides. Make sure that your not wasting your time for a petty fight. A domineering woman or man in your life is best dealt with by passivity instead of confrontation. Bore the bossy people and they will look for others to boss around.     Consistency helps find an outlet in a wild but calculated business pursuit aimed at getting rich


For some of you, an old love that you still hold a torch for is coming back into your life.Also this energy brings back old friends. Problems in their life brings them back into your reality.Your emotions are tied to your finances so watch your emotional self.Cool emotions are called for. There could be an overflow of demands on your feelings, but without having the facts in front of you, just feeling like you might be in the presence of a manipulative individual is reason enough to pull back on deep commitments. Sometimes people create a false sense of urgency. Love and other emotions are being manipulated. This can get old fast.


Major decisions or compromises are coming up this week. New Love can happen this week but we are coming up on the Mercury retrograde, inauspicious for love. You are punishing yourself with needless guilt over a situation that others have long ago left and forgotten. It is time to stop fighting yesterday's war.   Patience and passivity will bring a better offer and a more honest businessperson may come your way.Especially in regards to social media and people trying to paint a dream for you, maybe just that.When you go with the flow fate takes over, stop fighting.


You will be oblivious to some hurt you cause a person. This will lead to a situation where the person seeks revenge. You are advised to avoid gossiping and casual dismissals of the efforts of others.You are going to be paying dearly for pursuing pleasure at the expense of your responsibilities.Look for an unexpected windfall to have more disastrous consequences than benefits. Careful what you wish for this week. The verbal warfare is heightened and you may need to speak up once and for all. The cards indicate that you are very lazy at this time when it comes to pursuing your goals. Try not to waste so much time playing because it ends up being regret in the future


Changes are happening this week in regards to relationships for some of you for better or worst.Your great struggle has, at its core, the desire for freedom.Look for love to be the issue and abandoning everything for it the likely outcome.For some of you , you are following your own muse. The experiences you want most badly are out of reach but meanwhile you have at your disposition things that others crave but about which you care little.Many opportunities to turn your ideas and creativity into money. Look around for all those chances the universe is giving you!


Look for love to be the issue and abandoning everything for it the likely outcome. If you are comfortable playing both sides now, circumstances will force you to take a stance sooner than would be convenient for you. Major changes are happening this week for better or worse, so keep it positive this week.At this time , you'll experience your own truth with the help of media or art.Speaking up might actually be a great emotional relief. Are you bottling in your feelings to win the approval of someone? You have underestimated what speaking up on behalf of a good cause can bring! 


Some of you want to change, want to do something but at this time your playing with this idea. Careful with gossip or miscommunication at work someone maybe twisting your words. Freenemies or people you haven't been getting along with want to work towards moving forward with you. Even though you still feel some sort of way , they are willing to compromise. Those of you with art or social media , your message is powerful this week and people are dancing to your tune. For some of you, you ares succeeding by not conforming to established traditions, and learning higher truths on the path few follow. 


You might be missing out on a lot of what life has to offer out of a sense of alienation or fear. The issue is definitely money and its alienating power. Perhaps you are in a social clique with some women who are economically more well off than you and you are feeling bad about this. Try not to watch where other people are eventually you'll get there too. Your troubles with money will manifest more as neuroses rather than an actual harmful situation. For some of you , it shows that you are bored which can be causing depression or emotional restlessness. You have to take initiative and make the changes. 


 Mastering your moneymaking potential through patient diligence. A commitment to consistency pays off. You focus on control what you can control instead of trying to control everything around that when things begin to payoff.  Abandoning what comforts you as you strike out to take on the world, another theme of the self-confidence.Showing more control over your reality.The loss or absence of money is bringing a relationship to a close. You may have a partner who is in debt or your own spending habits are causing problems in your life that are starting to affect your interpersonal relationships.   


There is a generation gap or different way of thinking because of age difference. This week change comes to put you in the direction you need to be on. At this time allow people who have to leave your life to leave. The cards show people leaving your life and also a loss of self respect. So careful with your actions and your mouth.You may be wallowing in self-pity instead of finding a creative outlet.A non-romantic partnership will be successful at a business or creative project. Your ability to master things around you even extends to the luck of the draw. 


Unable to control your destiny relative to forces in the universe over which you have no power. The role other people play in controlling your situation is heightened.Your ability to stay on message and create new realities within a consistent theme.Follow your hunches on the appearance of chance opportunities.Your playtime is actually valuable in bringing about creative solutions to projects on which you could make money and gain acclaim.The feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing a great project. 


Someone from your past is coming back, the cards don't really like this person coming in. It's advice that they stay in the past. I feel this can be a difficult week because events around you maybe causing you stress, or you allowing other people's situations causing you stress. A teacher, boss, parent or an older lover will heap praise on you. That innocent bystanders may suffer more than the parties directly involved in this absence of love. Careful with the decisions you make this week think of everyone involved.  The cards do show a loss or absence of love coming up. At the same time you are taking steps to be on a more saner path.