Wednesday, April 20, 2016



You have T-square with your 12,10 and 7th house.why? Moon in Libra is getting ready to enter your sign.You have a difficult time dealing with your feelings let alone sharing them and opening up to others. You maybe a bit stand offish to certain people.This is a great day to recharge your batteries or  you may be quiet because you don't want to say how you really feel about a person or situation 


You are very competitive when it comes to business or career. At this time certain people you feel that you are in competition . Will force you to up your game, so you can stay a head of the pact. Also with this energy you may make everything you do today into a game. 


Your patience and perseverance pays off today. This energy is favorable for planning instead of taking action. Also with this energy you feel great when you are helping others with their problems. This energy your common sense kicks in and helps you through problem solving. 


Moon still in the sign of Libra watch your emotional self, and cock those brains before you shoot that mouth.Your personal life is becoming the focus and the changes that are going on with you personally. Are affecting your emotional stability. There is a reason for everything try to bend like the air bender , I know you can be


Today neptune is very afflicted so reality seem to be a bit harsh and people seem a bit more critical of you. Take it all in stride like water off a ducks back. This is a time of doubting and everything right now is a process. Also this is a time to not to doubt and delve more into faith consciousness. Try to focus more on certainty and peace of mind.


Today , there maybe power struggles with your relationships. Relationships with others maybe a bit difficult. New people coming in and others leaving. They didn't get the memo , that you don't like to be told what to do. If it's boring your probably not going to do.


You need to be more self aware on how you treat others, because you are being stingy with your comments. You maybe thinking that your being playful when your not. Your playing to rough today ease up on others. Changes are happening today try to be more flexible to the changes . 


For some of you, you maybe fighting with parents and for others your just in fight mode. I feel that you can sense change is happening and thats probably why your being reactive. Because your sensitive to the subtle changes that are happening. I feel for others a great financial turn of events can happen for the better today 


This is more of playful energy for you ,stay away from anything competitive because your not mentally there to compete today. You rather be focusing on making work fun and hanging out. All eyes are on you today . You shine at work and this is a great time for those of you in social media.


Today thoughts and focus is on family and home. For some of you , you are communicating more with family and making plans to get together with them. Becareful with your close relationships, because your emotional needs aren't being met. I feel that it's a bit more complicated than that. So try to explain your needs to the people around you .It helps explaining things to others today


Today, you need to tap into your faith consciousness.At this time say your peace and if the other person still wants to question you or argue with you. Walk away because it's not worth your peace of mind. Plus the other person is probably looking to bait someone into fight and this will mess with the other person more when you walk away. Know that eventually you'll get your way.


Issues with children or with a mother figure can come up today,Careful not to give in to any sob stories. You are either going to loan them money and never see it again or you may take be con into taking  their hours . Knowing they are going to go to party instead of someone in their family being sick.