Tuesday, April 26, 2016



Today with the moon in your sixth house. You have this great energy to make things happen:clean, work out, quit a habit or just get things done that you have been avoiding. You are more motivate to handle the things you have been putting off


Watch your emotional self with your way of thinking. You bring the fun where ever you go or you bring the drama. Careful with the gossip because you make situations more than what they are.  With moon in Capricorn, you want things to go your way or you may lose your cool. Try to compromise with friends today.


Watch your thoughts today very powerful with Pluto conjunct with the moon. For better or worst you are attracting the situations towards you. This is  a great energy for get together today, or asking for help from others. People are more willing to help you if you ask.  Family because the focus today.


This is a fun flirty energy, but becareful it may term steamy. Also a great day for negotiations, and arguments to go your way. You may find second chances happening in regards to career or even with love.


This is  a great energy with career, because you are able to see the details, and you know what needs to get done and what needs to happen. This is a great energy for finding the truth,for getting your paper work done. Or just try to organize your life better.


Everything is cause and effect so watch what you say to others, or your thoughts today. This is a great energy to make things happen. Despite the energies you have a moving forward energy going on. Watch your emotional self because you don't like to be told what to do or how to do it


You maybe more quiet and to yourself, watch your emotional self because of your thoughts. This can cause a bit of depression. This is also a great time to tap into more spirituality and the power of prayer. Try to control your thoughts and work on letting go of any negative thoughts


Despite the energies going on with your Neptune. Today can be a very good day. For some of you being pulled out your holes to come and socialize. For others a good time to hear some good new in regards to career. Try to stay out of your head and go more with the flow today. For others a good day for business.


Good news is coming today in regards to career and for some of you an end of money worries, or relief to help you with your money problems. For others you may be receiving on the job training, or a mentor to help you grow


You have a beautiful earth trine with the moon in Capricorn . You are very optimistic maybe overly optimistic which will have some giving you the side eye today. With Jupiter conjunct the part of fortune may be even try a scratch off, who knows  win the FIVE DOLLAR TICKET !


This is a great day for research and getting to the bottom of things.  You are more curious about situations especially they don't make sense to you. You maybe more incline to investigate or try to understand the situations coming up today .


Very social energy,lots of communications going on. People at work especially those in authority offer great assistant to you. Going so far as pulling strings to make your work load or day allot easier. This is a great energy for job interviews or interviews in general should go really well.