Sunday, April 24, 2016



This week brings fun energy into your life just becareful not to go crazy with the spending. This week you are put in a leadership position either in your family or career but for the better. Even though I see allot of you think about this. Love relationships are coming up new loves enter and thinking about breaking with the old. Do I suggest that you do anything in regards to love at this time no. At this time with new love get to know the person and wait two weeks after mercury goes direct on May 22,2016. And the same applies to your soon to be ex wait it out.


This week you have a great way of communicating to others your desires and needs.There are love opportunities at this time but Mercury is going retrograde on the 29, so these new love relationships coming in are karmic.Meaning you have lessons to learn with new people coming into your life.  With career you set the precedents or the bar in what management may expect from others for now on. Some battles in your life , are point less and a waste of time but yet you still give one particular battle life.Try to let go of some of your old hurts towards others


For some of you court is coming up or business negotiations but it looks at this time peaceful negotiations can happen.I do see for  some of you are dealing with a dominating person in your life, which may make you think about leaving the negative situation. You are in control of your own destiny this week; be it temporary and you may change your mind again after the retrograde period.For some a good omen is coming your way death to your poverty,MAZEL


This is a great week for career and career changes this week. A very good week , for recognition with your career. For some of you the cards indicate raise or money incentive coming your way. Watch your thought this week because they do become things. Also with this energy for some of you wanting to make changes in certain areas of your life. For others the changes you want to make, and you want to know will it be worth it ?


You need to becareful where you put your money into this week because these investment or business endeavors may end up being money pits or lessons you don't want to learn.I do see money worries coming with surprise bills.You are allowing  what you don't want to control your life so try to switch your focus on things that make you happy. The experiences you want are out of your reach but you have things that others crave and you care little about. Try to delve more into a place of gratitude for the things you have this week


Major changes are coming up this week, and for some of you a victim of circumstances. For some of you , you are to blame for certain area of your life crashing down, by doing to much  or to little. Careful with being passive aggressive because everything is cause and affect and this may cause alienation with others in your life. Major changes are coming up this week but I do see some of you going more with the flow and trying to remain at peace.


Watch your spending this week . Try to keep a paper trail at work, some people may try to throw you under the bus. You need to becareful with avoiding your problem especially when others are involved because it will create more problems with them. This is a great week for the creative types , you may come up with some really great ideas.Also with this energy , you need to cock those brains before you shoot your mouth off. For some of you, you may not be getting along with mother or you may now separate yourself from a mother figure in your life.


This week brings allot of socializing for some of you or to much good coming your way.  For some of you , you need to watch your actions because its going to upset allot of people. Your playtime is when you get your more creative ideas or have your best problem solving solutions, or it may bring you a big MONEY MAKING IDEA. A relationship with an authority figure in your life will change for the better . Despite the mercury retrograde energy shows changes in your relationship status is coming up


I see at this time powerstruggles with relationships in your life. I see at the sametime you not making any decisions at this time to maintain control over the situation.The cards do show me someone in your life who down right closed mind, which is causing  blockages with the relationship or problems. At this good news is coming in or your money situation is going to get better, as the good is coming in your life. Try to humble it down because your puffing out your chest a bit to much.This week you may master a specific area of your life.


Your stubborness is coming out; try to go with the flow with this energy.I see money worries and also money coming in. Money maybe the root of all problem but also the solution, I do see money worries. Money opportunities are coming your way, and you may just jump on the chance to make more when it present itself. Your money worries may cause problems with love relationships or even break ups.Also with this energy , if you align yourself with what you want and pick in choose your thoughts. You'll get what you want this week


Nasty little surprises may come up also I do see you trying get a favor out of someone . That owes you a favor.A great energy week for business or those of you in social media indicates growth happening. I do see for some of you thoughts of moving are coming up. You need to work on bending with certain situations with others because the cards are showing that you are set in your way of thinking. Try to be open minded to the constructive feedback being given to you. Because it gives you an opportunity to get closer to the trueself this week.


You got a mix bag of energy this week. The cards indicate you are more in control of your destiny than you realize. I do see people accusing you of cheating or fraud. If its not true don't worry about it. I do see that you have more good in the cards this week, so try to not  give energy to negative things that people are doing. Everything is cause and effect. I do see money getting better this week. For some of you good news in getting a job . For others great energy week for business which will bring you more emotional stability . Try to tap more into the power of prayer and affirmations. Call upon the angels to protect from other people who are causing problems in your life.