Monday, July 31, 2017



Second chances starting with certain relationships in your life. This can be opportunities that were not once upon time available to you all of a sudden become available to you. For others of you this can be unexpected turn of events happening with career or love relationship. So careful with how you treat people today and your partner. Because this can be endings by your hand 

This can be powerstruggles with relationships but not really. You can be quietly feeling some kind of way because what you want and what others want are incompatible. But at the sametime some of you are trying to keep the peace today. For others of you, you can feel restless with this energy. Because again you want to speak up but at the same time you want to keep the peace for peace sake. For others of you this can be you being to pushy with what you want 
For some of you this is a great time for networking or receiving good news. For some of you this is a great time for job interviews, or even winning people over. You can talk your way into and out of anything. For some of you, this can be people in your life causing blockages. So court can be difficult or people can be all or nothing over certain situations. You may have to be adaptable to this person

For some of you, you might not be getting along with certain people in your life. For some of you it can be difficult talking to you because your set in your ways of doing things. For others of you, you are not set on doing things differently or giving yourself another option. It's all or nothing kind of attitude. You do have a beautiful water trine happening today so it's up to you how you want your day to be . And it is Tuesday ,kisses
Careful with this energy, you can be frustrated with dealing with  certain people in your life. For some of you this can be power struggles going on. Try to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. For some of you this is a moving forward with projects or you creating your own beginnings with this energy. For others this is taking on a more leadership role or growth with career 

For some of you this is going out of your way for a friend or you can be trying to reach out to family with this energy. For others of you this can be making plans with family today. For others of you this can be thinking about  spending more time with certain coworkers and doing something with them. For some of you, you can be closed minded to a new way of doing things or other people's suggestions you tend to shoot down 
You need to pay attention on what your doing today because you can be accident prone. For some of you this can be truth revealed to you. Certain ways you've been feeling can be confirmed or denied today. For others of you this is getting to the bottom of things. For others of you , your money situation is dictated my your emotional self. 

This can be a great time for business or career wtih this energy. I feel your views or opinions may not be so popular so cock those brains and be aware of the company you keep. For some of you, who ever has to leave your life , let them leave, because your stuck in your way of thinking or doing things. Your not trying to give in to others or adapt to them.Now you know , you have an opportunity to practice self control  
You can be a creature of comfort today. For some of you this is sharing great ideas in regards to the home or this can be sharing a recipe that you use. For others of you this is making plans for lunch with the coworkers. For some of you, you can be very creative with this energy. Problem solving comes very easy to you     

For some of you, today can go by very fast .  It may seem that your on to the next fire , to the next fire and to the next fire. And each fire you have to treat differently and react differently to that person and their situation. This can be a draining day but do try to treat every situation differently. You are constantly being ask today to adapt to the situation 
Careful with this energy this can be a serious turn of events happening in your personal life or this can be with your love life. For some of you this can be you reacting to the changes around you. Because things can seem out of control or your control today try to go more with the flow . 
For some of you, you don't want to be over a situation. It's time to move on and your feeling this shift in energy, parts of you want too but the other half wants to stay in the past. For some of you, you are fighting certain urges and feelings today because you are more about the bigger picture and greater purpose