Thursday, July 20, 2017


For some of you, you can be revisiting old creative projects or hobbies with this energy. For some of you, you can have deeper understanding why some people in your life are the way they are. Or they can be explaining to you their boundaries and needs.  You are able to have a deeper emotional connection or understanding with others. For others this can be a great time for money making ideas.
You can be second guessing yourself or over thinking a situation with this energy. A situation in your life may not be so clear or it may seem more one sided or even someone else's favor. You can feel like some one else is getting the better end of the stick. For others of you, you can be asked to step out of your comfort zone, but you want to question everything instead of just doing. So this can be a frustrating time when  dealing with others.  

You have a beautiful air trine , I feel thoughts can be come things with this energy, I feel for some of you, you benefit through your partner. Or this can be certain situations in your life turning around for the better with this energy. For others of you, you are trusting your intuition and you can find that it will pay off.

You need to becareful what or who you are getting involved with . Because certain situations seem a bit confusing or make no sense. Try to get as much information as you can today. And if it still doesn't make sense, instead of involving yourself, just say "NO".  For others of you this can be thoughts becoming things, and unexpected events can happen for some of you. OR this can be sparks of miracles
You need to help for the sake of helping with this energy. Your emotional life can affect your health for some of you. Not the best time for negotiations or people seeing things your way . For some of you, you are allowing your worries to get the best of you. Let go of your worries and try to go more with the flow

For some of you, who ever has to leave your life at this time let them leave. For others of you this can be a turn  of events happening with court,property matters or this can be second chances with certain missed opportunities. For some of you, your faith can be tested with this energy. So try to work on staying more certain that things will turn out the way they should. There is a reason for everything

This can be unexpected turn of events with career, or with certain people in your life. Its something that  you didn't see coming with this energy. For some of you this is rehashing old fights that you still feel some kind of way about them. For others this is the past revisiting with this energy, and you are able to say everything that is on your mind.
You can be very generous and giving with this energy, you tend to want to nurture your close relationships with this energy. You can be dark in your way of thinking and can be having very depressing conversations with this energy. So careful with your thoughts with this energy.You tend to get heavy when you have conversation with others

This can be a great day for your luck to kick in. For some of you this is things going your way with this energy. For some of you, you need to watch your emotional self because you have a stellium going in your 8th house. So your thoughts can get kind of dark for some of you.For others of you, you take on other people's problems

You can be somewhat of a bit of a rebel with this energy. As you go above other people's head or even above the law and kind of do what you want to do today. For some of you, some relationships in your life are getting to deep for you, or someone is trying to put you on the spot with this energy. You aren't ready to give them an answer or to be that emotionally available to them

Careful with the art of intimidation or controlling others with this energy, this tactic is going to go so well , wheel it in today.For some of you when you get mad , you sometimes take it to the next level. And certain issues don't need to go to next level. For some of you this can be fighting with the men in your life , father figure or those in authority.

For some of you, you need to watch your of thinking. You can be a bit negative about certain situations going in your life at this time. For some of you this can be  depression happening . For others of you, you can be more there for someone else today. For some of you this energy is trying to keep the faith but it's wavering at the same time.Try to delve into certainty with this energy..