Sunday, July 2, 2017


The focus is more towards your family , home or property matters with this energy. You can be feeling some kind of away about certain people.Almost creating like a check list of things that you don't like or things that they are doing wrong instead of talking about it. If something bothers you today talk about it rather than repressing.
This can be a beautiful  energy time unexpected turn of events with career, or you can benefit through others with this energy. For others of you this can be the straw that broke the camels back. You can be making necessary changes at this time to create more peace in your life. For some of you, you feel rejuvenated when you are outdoors spending time with family

For some of you, you may need to practice restriction today. Especially the way you treat others or how you treat others. OR this can be you making necessary changes in your life so you can have more peace of mind with this energy.For others of you , you can be giving yourself a break from the social media pages , because you might feel that they bring down your emotional energy
Home or family life can be difficult at this time. For some of you this is not getting along with siblings or you can be dealing with controlling parents for some of you. For some of you this is not getting along with roommate and fighting with roommate. You maybe thinking about making some drastic changes like a move at this time , but this can be more of a thought than an action

For some of you this energy can bring about money worries, or you can be more focus on your emotional stability at this time. For some of you this can be fighting over money with this energy at this time. For others of you, your partner or coworkers may expect more from you but you may not feel like doing so much today. Or you could have had plans for today but may have come into work , and thats making you feel some kind of away
For some of you people aren't going to see your way of thinking. This is not the best day to get into debates , because those debates turn into fights with this energy.For some of you, you have a difficult time working on yourself, or seeing things all the way through. Do what you can today don't beat yourself up to hard with what you didn't do . Others may not feel the same way but it's okay, don't beat yourself up today
For some of you this is a difficult time making decisions and you might not make any at this time. Because everyone is pulling you in different directions at this time, and you want to be fair and make everyone happy with this energy. Or you can be pressure into doing something that you don't want to do . Some times it's good to just trust your feelings, if you can't make a decision ask to sleep on it
For some of you this is a beautiful time to dive into your art, or your creative works. For others of you , your head is not your friend. For some of you,you can get caught up in your gaming life, and be more about your play. For others of you might not get anything done today and just netflix and chill. For others of you, you have a difficult time facing certain realities. Sometimes we make as bad as it seems when in reality it's not that bad. Try to work on it with baby steps so it wont feel overwhelming    

This is a great time for media or social media. For some of you this is researching a project, for others of you this is updating yourself with your career, or doing well in school. For some of you, when it comes to work you are seeing signs of moving forward. You could see more responsibility being delegated to you at this time

For some of you expect a certain amount of loyalty or respect from others. This is you probably not getting a "Thank you". And feeling walked on , try to do things for the sake of doing not because your expecting something in return. For others of you, who ever has to leave your life at this time let them. I feel that you may have some lessons about how you talk too, and treat others with this energy  
For some of you , you can an intense emotional experience , but it's a good things. This can be your business turning around for the better. Or someone giving you a better perspective in a situation or this can be your money situation getting better. For some of you this is deeply emotionally connecting with someone in your life.    

For some of you, you can explain difficult situation and make sense of situations or why things happen to others. For some of you, you can be more about your emotional needs and happiness, and you can be protective of it.  For some of you, you can be a good healer or mentor with this energy