Friday, July 21, 2017



You can be a bit hard on yourself today, you don't like to disappoint others, and you don't like to look like the bad guy. I feel at this time you need to learn to compromise with others, instead of fighting with them. When you learning to stop fighting and go more with the flow, you'll see there way wasn't that bad. The lesson here is stop fighting and go more with the flow  

You need to watch your emotional self, you can be obsessive about certain things. Or you can be micromanaging certain people's lives at this time. You can be fighting with yourself . You want to be more relax and going with the flow. But at the sametime you want to control. I feel that you need to try to break out of your comfort zone. And allow others to control a situation and not think about the worst. 

You can be re evaluating certain relationships or career direction. You can have certain people in your life figured out, and you can be feeling a bit bored in the relationship. Doing things differently today produce a different result. And you could be happy with the results. For some of you, you are very creative in your way of thinking. And this can be starting a new project with this energy. 

For some of you, you are quick to help others with this energy. You tend to take more initiative when put in crisis situations. This can be you putting out fires in other people's lives or this can be putting out fires at work. You don't stand and watch today, you just help for the sake of helping. For some of you , you need to be at that place at that time, to do or say something. There is a reason for everything 
For some of you, you tend to gravitate to like minded people. For some of you this is playing with a group of like minded people aka Dungeon in Dragons kind of group. For others of you, you can be starting your own forum or group of like minded people who are interested in the same hobbies and games as you are .  For some of you this can be birthday wishes or this can be certain things work themselves out today 

For some of you this is unusual experiences happening today, and your way of thinking or looking at certain things differently. For some of you, you can be updating yourself with career, or even studying a particular subject that you are curious about.. For some of you, people in your life can be taking care of you, or even helping you out financially today 
You can be receiving some unexpected bills with this energy. There could be some fears or concerns happening because your not in control of the situation. For others of you , you have a difficult time trusting other people with your business or with your money.Watch your emotional self , you have a difficult time controlling certain people in your life. It's best to try to negotiate or compromise at this time. I feel that they are going rogue on you and doing their own thing, and you have no control 
For some of you watch your emotional self because you still have that same energy from yesterday. For others of you, you can be delving more into your spirituality at this time, or working on yourself to help create more peace of mind. You have the ability today to see right through the bull with this energy. You can get to the truth really quick . 
You are in the driver's seat today when it comes to taking care of your family, or even helping them deal with certain things. For some of you , you can be guided by your intuition. For others of you , you are very creative with this energy. For some of you, you can be in good spirits with this energy, or just in a good mood in general 

For some of you, you have no time talking to certain people. You can find yourself avoiding certain people or friends because they tend to bore you, or seem a bit fake, or you can be a bit put off by the relationship. Or you may not want to do things were you are invited too. But you will go out if things are unplanned and random .  At this time don't make plans because you are more than likely wont do those. 

Can be more about creating more equality or making everything in way fair at this time. You try to make everyone happy to do , by listening and doing what everyone else wants to do .  For some of you, you need to be realistic on what you can and cannot do. For others of you , you are more about your play  with this energy. For some of you, you may not feel like coming into work today, and being more in your fantasy world.  

You can see people for who they really are. You can be a bit repelled by your friends , friends, because you can see them for whom they really are. But of course your friends can't see that yet so you keep your distant at this time. For some of you, you can be more in a leadership position with career. For others of you this is sticking to your health regime or working on your emotional self.