Monday, July 17, 2017


At this time you are planning and contemplating, could this your escape?You think hard about doing some thing at this time. For others of you this can be ending a relationship or initiating certain changes in your life. Because these situations or people in your life are not helping you in your cause.For others of you this is an opportunity to recreate yourself
For some of you something has to give, because same old same old , doesn't work for you. Or its no longer making you feel happy. You are being asked to make some major changes, or necessary changes for your peace of mind. But you are blocking or being your own worst enemy when it comes to making changes. So at this time your going to sit on this, and mull it over
For some of you , you have a beautiful air trine going on today. You can be guided more by your intuition. This can be having a clearer picture on what needs to be done or being more certain at this time and knowing you'll have a positive outcome. For others of you this is playing lotto win $ 5 dollar ticket. For others of you mull over new money making opportunities before pursuing them. Because you may be doing more of the work than you planned to do .

Change is happening. For some of you, you have allot to think about at this time. Because it may be more towards career, or even not getting along with family members at this time. For others of you watch your emotional life, because certain things are not in your control. You can throw down some tantrums when you get home. This can be seeing others playing favorites or allowing others to grow before you. Or this can be people not keeping their promise and not following through

You can be more quite in your feelings because you don't want to offend others or get into any confrontations with others. You can feel a bit stuck in a situation or other people can seem a bit bossy today with you. For others of you patience is needed when it comes to what you want. Your mind can be more on what you don't have at this time, playing the waiting game today

For some of you , you can be seeing people from your past coming out the wood work with this energy.  For others of you expect the unexpected today. You can be receiving unexpected good news with this energy. Or you can read the hell out of people. You may have some people in your life figured out.    

To much water going on in your tenth so it's up to you how you want your day to be.I feel that certain people in your life can disappoint, or they may create boundaries with you. For others of you don't expect things to go your way today. For some of you this is major changes happening at this time, and you not being in control of the situation.
For some of you this is a great time for business, or this can be a great time to see some growth with the media or social media. For some of you, you can very popular and people want to hang out or plan things with you. For others of you this can be growth with career, and you can be put into a leadership position with this energy. For some of your friends stick up for you, or let you know that they have your back, and you love the loyalty    

Watch your emotional self , you want things done a particular way or you expect others in your life to comply with your plans or ways of doing things and this may not be the case. You can be getting yourself into petty fights which can cause some serious repercussions. So pick and choose your battle today, who ever has to leave your life let them. Things may not go as plan with school for some of you. So you might have to go and talk to someone for help today  

You have a stellium going on in your seventh house. For some of you this can be revisiting past relationships. Or they might be looking for you on the social media pages and wanting to reach out to you. You need to be sensitive towards others, because other people that you are dealing with need to be held with kid gloves. Nobody got time for that, this can cause problems at work or at home. As Miss Abby says"go home and cry in your pillow."

For some of you this can be a busy day with career or goals, and as soon someone needs help. It's like throwing a wrench in your day. So careful with how you react to distractions or people's mini  crisis today. Listen to others when they are talking to you because they may know more than you think. They bring to you growth and an opportunity to change or turn around your situation

For some of you this is a great time for business or career growth with this energy.  For some of you, you need to watch your emotional self,because you have a stellium in cancer in your sixth house so check your natal chart. Because your emotional life can flair up your health. For others of you this can be thoughts of past coming back with this energy. This can also be a bit of anxiety because you feel change is coming in  and you need to slow down and trust the process. Come into certainty today