Sunday, July 23, 2017


This can be a difficult time for love relationship, or even for dealing with the men in your life. There could be power struggles. You have a difficult time sticking to certain promises or you can be second guessing your actions.Today your trying to figure out how to control a situation, or you can be to controlling with others and feel that awkwardness .

Your motto "Slow and steady wins the race." You have allot more patience and your not rushing certain things like business at this time, or this can be with diet and your persevering through. You do have Mars in your third house today. So cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. You can be saying snarky comments under your breath with this energy. So I wont be surprise if someone has something back to say to you, you've been warned. Say your moons are out of whack today
You might not be getting along with father figure or those in authority. Because you are hell bent on doing things your way . Even if it means going on above other people's heads today. Which can get you in trouble. You need a full out explanation of things today, "NO", will not suffice your curiosity. You could also be calling out on other people's bluff or testing other people.

This is a great time for things to go your way. You can find that people at work can be more willing to listen to your demands or wants. You are very quick to jump on opportunities to grow or if there are others ways to have a second source of income coming in . You are very quick to jump on it. Try to keep humble at work because there could be a turn of events that are going on in your favor
You have a Yod with that 8th house. Again your lesson is to confront and step out of your comfort zone. You can't avoid certain situations or people, these are your soul lessons. Because you didn't learn these things in your past life. For some of you, new situations or people are coming into your life. Or this can be a different way of doing things, and you may need more convincing

For some of you, you can be more about your well being and your health with this energy. You can be focusing more on the law of attraction with this energy, or delving more into your religion. For some of you, you are very determine right now to make things happen in your life. Taking No , for an answer is not good enough. You try to look for others way

Watch your emotional self today. I feel at this time if your thinking about a particular person in your life. That person could possibly , if not will show up today. Watch your way of thinking because you can be attracting some weird situations into your life. For others of you this can be second chances presenting themselves. For others of you this is power struggles with certain family members.  

Try not to force people doing things they feel uncomfortable with doing. This can be power struggles because you want to go in a different direction, or even do things that are not normal or in their routine. Sometimes we have to be the example and just do. Because explaining something may not be enough. For others this can be unexpected turn of events happening with your 9-5 job and you reacting to the changes going on. For others of you this is change , try to see that everything has a reason

You could find a new way of making money or you being starting a new business project that can do very well at this time. You can be very creative in your way of thinking , and your really good at problem solving with this energy. For others of you this is being trendy with the social media. You can find that people like what your posting up.

You can be coming up with money making ideas, you can be updating yourself with your career. You can be very hard on yourself. As others give you construct criticism at this time. For others of you this can be working smarter not harder. You need to listen to others. Because you tend to be stubborn when you think your right. You maybe right but this can be a different situation. So try to get the whole story before jumping to conclusion

You can be a great healer or mentor with this energy. You can be very resourceful with this energy.  Feel your confidence can be up at this time, this can be a popular energy time for you or this can be you getting a confidence boost at work. For some of you, you can figure out certain people in your life, and you can be bored with them. For some of you , you can be a bit obsess about the new people in your life.
For some of you this can be a healing energy, for others of you this is changing your way of thinking. For some of you this can be situations you worried about working out in your favor. So try to let go of your worries. This can be a great time for business or career. You can be a great leader at work, or this can be starting new health routine or working on your emotional self.