Wednesday, July 12, 2017


The focus can be more towards home, or family with this energy. For some of you , your mind could be made up today and you can be initiating changes at this time. At this time you tend to be very sensitive to certain people in your life. You can sugar coat, or pussy foot around certain topic because you know they can't handle the truth. Some relationships you could be walking on egg shells with

For some you have a difficult time communicating your feelings or being vulnerable with this energy. Try to communicate your feelings and be vulnerable because it what makes you relatable and helps you to emotionally connect with others. And shows that you are just as flawed as the rest of us and people appreciate it that today. For others of you try to put yourself in other people's shoes today instead of trying to fix them
You can be more about your freedom with this energy, and you can find your rebellious side seems to be a bit much for others to deal with . You  may be looking some kind of ways to others , because you have to be different or you have to be right. You can be a bit indulgent when it comes to your spending today. You are more about pleasure seeking and your social than you are about saving or watching your diet

For some of you this can be communicating more with family with this energy. For others of you, you can be more about their approval in your decisions at this time. For others of you this can be a move to be closer to family, or this can be move happening in general with this energy. Watch your emotional self today because you can be a bit high strung and over react to certain challenges or events that are out of your control
For some of you , you need to stay in your lane today, and not watch what other people are doing or where they are going . For some of you can be super competitive with others. For others of you, this can be unexpected challenges coming up and you being very reactive to the situation. For some of you this is changing the emotional self , and your perspective with certain things. Today try to see the blessing in certain situations

You can be more about your well being or health with this energy. For others of you, when your in a good head space this can be a good time for the law of attraction. For others of you this is not getting along with certain family members at this time. For others of you, your sense of security can be shaken today. This can be a difficult time moving forward into the unknown because there is no plan and doesn't seem so secure to you
Today you can be dealing with your power struggles. For others of you, you are very giving towards certain relationships in your life. For others of you certain relationships at work can seem more like family with this energy. I feel you over thinking certain situations and you allow your emotional life to do allot of the decisions making for you. You can be missing out on opportunities because you over read a situation, or your assuming that others are against. Go with the flow and get out of your dam head because mama loves, now go  

You can be biting your tongue on allot of things because you may know to much . Or you know as soon as you say something it's going to start a fight, but if you don't say anything it's going to create problems that your going to have to clean up. For others of you, you don't want to say I told you so , but at the end of the day you will. For others of you , you prefer to work more behind the scenes because you don't want to deal with others today
For some of you this can be a fabulous day with this energy. You can be more about your play and social life with this energy. For others of you this is a great time for home business or receiving good news today. You can be questioning certain relationships in your life. I feel some people in your life are showing their gratitude and appreciation for what you do for them . Than others are biting the hand that feeds them, but you see them and your taking notes
For some of you, you can be looking for people to hang out with tonight. For others of you, you want to change and you want to cheat today but you could be fighting these urges. For others of you, people don't appreciate you shocking them, because they are so use of you being one kind of way with them. That is spontaneous can upset certain people.

Keep it positive today, yes airbenders this can be a super positive day , where you smell like roses, and everything is great. Or this can be an awful day because you are to much in your feelings, and you are allowing certain things to get the best of you. Should we sing my anthem , my theme song LIKE A RHINESTONE COWBOY. So it's up to you what kind of say you want it to be. Also this is a great time for business with this energy. Just remember your emotional self dictates your money
You have a beautiful water trine going on with your 15,9. When you are spending time with friends and family business seems to pick up with this energy. For some of you this can be sparks of miracles happening with this energy. This can be the energy being more helpful and getting you out of certain situations today. This is a great time to follow and trust your intuition today