Wednesday, July 5, 2017


You can be receiving unexpected good news today, but not everyone is going to be happy for you. So try to keep your good news on the down low, so you wont get hit with the evil eye. For others of you, you can be competitive with this energy. Definetly jealousy happening today, so try to focus on what you are doing instead of watching everyone else with this energy. For others of you , careful with how you speak to others because you can be over the top in your way of thinking. Not allow people may appreciate your antics today

You might need to get a second opinion today before jumping into something new, or saying whats on your mind today. For some of you, you have to learn with your hands or learn and work as you go . New information that you are learning at this time , your not grasping the idea as quickly as everyone else is today. For others of you, you can be fighting with yourself with this energy. On one hand you want to be impulsive but on the other you want to be reserved . You need to get a second opinion today
You can have a difficult time getting along with certain people in your life, this could be the women in your life. For some of you, you could be testing relationships to see how much you can get away with .  For some of you this energy is a catalyst for changes that you might need to think about making. You may not make them now but you are not going to forget with this energy
You need to watch your emotional life with this energy. You shouldn't go assuming what other people are  thinking or aren't thinking today. You might be trying to read a person or a situation, and your reading it all wrong.  You can be a perfectionist today or you expect things to run a particular way today, so you can get derailed emotionally today. When things don't go as plan.

You need to be careful how you talk to certain people in your life. Try to put yourself in their shoes, they could be a bit more sensitive or internalizing things today.For others of you can be hero in someone life today. Coming through for them last minute. For others of you, you are more about bigger picture. For others of you you can be starting new projects today, or being very giving with this energy  

You can be hard on yourself when other criticize you today. For some of you, you are asked to be nurturing and supportive and to be about others at this time. For some of you, this can be dealing with your adult children, and them wanting some help from you or wanting your attention at this time. For others of you, you may want to be more to yourself and do your own thing today and be about your own problems. Mean while a friend could be calling on you , so they can have someone to lean. Just be a listening ear and learn how to put yourself in other people's shoes  

Today you can be following your intuition, ending one project and starting on something completely new , or even moving in a new creative direction with this energy. For some of you, you could be thinking about making changes at this time. For others of you this is someone from you past coming back and your not over what they did to you. Your still giving certain past fights life
You still have a beautiful water trine happening, this can be a time to push through what ever obstacle is in your way with this energy. You can find this energy give you an opportunity to take care of what need to get done. For others of you, watch your emotional self because you can take things personal or be super sensitive with this energy. Loyalty and people showing you loyalty today is very important for you. For some of you, you love new experiences, travelling is also indicated at this time
You need to watch your pride, because you are stuck in your head the way things should be . And this is going to cause problems with others.For some of you, your not open minded to other people's suggestions and can take them as personal attacks against you, or they are trying to bring you down. So try to change the conversation in your head and no one is out to get you or benefit them.

I feel at this time you can be reevaluating certain things or people in your life. For others of you this can be making difficult choices, or not trusting yourself at this time. For others of this is logical side versus your emotional attachments, and at this time you could have a difficult time moving forward with what you want. Or you can be putting yourself in a box making it difficult to move forward.  

Watch your emotional self today. You can be very passionate about what you want. For some of plans can change today , and your not going to be all to happy about it. For some of you this can be with business, and this can temporarily affect your money situation. For some of you this can be having unexpected expense which is going to hurt your pocket. Or making saving at this time look like an impossible feet. Watch your reactive self today  

I feel self control is needed with this energy. You can be fighting with your self and trying to restrict the emotional self, or trying to stick to a new habit today. For others of you , you have a difficult time saying no to others today. For others of you, you can feel like your not getting your fair share in a situation so try to speak up