Sunday, July 30, 2017



Love relationships can be difficult at this time especially the on again off again relationship. You may need to reveal your values and stick to your guns . Especially when it comes to what you want in a relationship. For some of you, your thinking about tossing in the towel , and for others of you this allowing this on again relationship back into your life . For others of you, you can't seem to agree on anything, so try to be the big person and compromise 

You can be judgy about certain people or you can be trying to put someone new in your life into a box , so they can make sense to you.You might not be getting along with the men in your life or family members. You can be a bit possessive with certain relationships in your life. For others of you what starts out as a friendly debate ends up being a fight. So be willing to allow other people to be right 
For some of you, it can be difficult for some of you to get along with those in authority. For some of you, you have  a fear of rejection or worries in regards to career. You can be more concern about what other people think of you. Don't go assuming with this energy and try to be about facts;not the conversation in your head. For others of you, you are assuming the worst and your putting the evil eye on yourself, stay positive 
Watch your emotional self. This can be your emotional tar bringing up the past,trigger words bringing up difficult times of your past, or this can hearing about a past relationship or someone from your past reaching out to you. Your consciousness is still not over the situation so it's time to put things into perspective and let go of this energy. Because this is an opportunity to remove a layer of onion skin so you can move. The past is only here to teach us so we don't repeat it.   

For some of you, you can go out of your way for others , or go above and beyond for others. For others of you this is revisiting past relationships and being able to make sense of the situation and heal from it and let it go.You need to watch how you speak to certain family members, or people in general. Because you tend to say the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. You can get nasty when voicing your real feelings. 
For some of you this can be receiving good news, or overcoming certain challenges with this energy. For some of you this energy can bring growth to your social media page. Or you can be very popular at work. For others of you, you have a deep emotional connection with someone in your life. It's almost like you can read there mind, or know exactly what they are thinking and what they are going to say to you 

At this time this energy can bring about money worries, because your not delving into certainty and instead your being impatient about what it is that you want, or your reacting to the moment. Expect there to be certain obstacles in your way. For some of you the past and is in the past. You had at the time to learn this lesson . For allot of you this lesson is not going to repeat so quit manifesting what you don't want to happen. Come to certainty that things will work themselves out  

Your a fighter and your are determine to get what you want no matter what. Even if it means going  above other people's heads. For others of you careful with that stinger, who ever has to leave your life let them leave. Or start changing your conversation and try to own your part no matter how little. Or try to let be okay with  how little loyalty they are going to give back to you. 

You tend to be very understanding when your significant other needs time to themselves or circumstances in their life  has change you tend to be very supportive .  For others of you there could be legal battles going on today. You have a difficult time being open minded to other people's opinion's and advice because you need to go and see it for yourself and have this experience for yourself. For others of you , you have this need to be right, try to listen   

For some of you, this can be coming up with money making ideas at this time you might not pursue, but definitely playing with ideas at this time. For some of you this is dealing with unusual relationship that doesn't make sense. Or this can be looking for love via social media. For others of you, you can meet new people through unusual way 
Watch your emotional self, because your pushing but no one is budging so try to come up with another way or just cut your losses for now. For some of you this is obstacles coming up , and at this time you have to go through the process. This can be things not going your way today. You checking out into your fantasy life because its more comfortable to be obsess about certain people or things than deal with your reality. Patience is needed and different attitude as situations come up is needed.   
For some of you this is a great time for business or career. For some of you , this is your luck kicking in. For others of you , this is a popular energy time with the social media. For others of you, you can inspire others or be more helpful in other people's lives. For some of you have great advice that others would pay for.  For some of you love relationships can be fragile or this can be  a turn of events with career, or your money situation