Sunday, July 16, 2017


I see you making changes at this time. And the people in your life are in support of those changes that you want to make. For some of  you this is a creative ideas. You can be in a good head space with this energy.  For others of you this is a great time with career with this energy. For some of you this is dealing with court, or legal testimony with this energy. At this time I see some major decisions coming up the cards say go, but you might be still thinking about. This can be getting a job for some of you. But you may not feel ready too. For others of you I see fullfillment. I see you being in a better headspace this week. You have allot more patience for things and situations because your having a great week
I see a turn of events happening with this energy. I feel you need to watch your emotional self , you can be a bit nit picky with others, or on top of them. So try to give other people their space, or this can turn out to be a situation. At this time your not taking care of certain situations or avoiding certain things. This week those things that you've been avoiding maybe become more of a focus in your life this week. For some of you this is certain things being avoided because you may have to sell something in order to get a bill payed this week
You can be feeling some kind of way about certain people in your life , or certain people that you work with . You could feel like they are up to no good or they can be stealing but you can't put your finger on it. I see change happening this week. For some of you this can be a difficult week for change because it's going to happen very fast. For others of you this is relocating to a different state or country, and not having an easy time adjusting to your new situation. For some of you this is a new love interest coming into your life this week .

I see love for some of you. But this can be an on again off again relationship with this energy. This person coming in as a new love or old love . Is someone who is older than you.  For others of you this is a great time for career and business with this energy. I see allot of good happening but your not satisfied with what you want. Parents can be very supportive this week , or helping you out financially with this energy. I feel at this time for some of you, a decision may need to be made but your not very quick to make decision as a way to manipulate the situation.
I see travelling happening or plans to travel can be on. I see this can be a fabulous week for you. I see things going your way this week. Or this can be a fun time spending with family . I feel you can be more about your peace and enjoying your week. For some of you this can be creative breakthroughs happening. You can have your work put into an art gallery. For others of you, you could find a quick route to getting what you want this week. This is also a great week for those of you in media or social media. Because people are more agreeable with what you are saying to them .
For some of you this can be a life altering experience happening or situation going your way. I feel the energy can be giving to you, or others in your life can be very giving to you. For some of you this is new love coming into the picture. For others of you I see travelling happening with this energy. Yu may not being getting along with certain women in your life at this time. They may not be agreeing with the decisions or the things you are doing at this time. For others of you , keep it humble this week as you are not following a traditional path and things seem to be working out for you

You need to keep it honest on what you can and cannot do it . Your hard work and perseverance will pay off  this week. I feel there can be money worries at this time. So try not to take this out on your relationships. I feel at this time, you need to keep a paper trail of your work, or receipts of your text message. Because some one could be making up stories about you, or accusing of fraud and scandal. For others of you, you don't realize how important you are or your own personal power. You need to acknowledge it this week
For some of you there can be major decisions in regards to money coming up. Either getting a loan or loaning people money at this time. For some of you , you know your not getting that money back, or you might not even get a thank you . I feel this can be your way of controlling a person in your life through money so careful. For others of you, this can be a loan  for a house and thinking about moving at this time.  This move can be from a different state or country . For others of you this can be a turn of events happening. This endings coming up for you. This can be a busy time for you with career or with dating at this time. For others of you the cards want you to know what ever your thinking about doing to see it all the way through
For some of you, you can have a difficult time dealing with certain people in your life. Because they have different way of seeing particular situations or things. But you also can be teaching some people in your life some life lessons. For others of you, you can leave a situation or a relationship in the name of integrity. For others of you, you don't realize how much you affect others. For others of you, you can be helping others reach their goals. But you also need to think about putting that energy into yourself too.
You can have allot of good ideas and things you want to do but you may not act upon it at this time. For some of you , you can be giving your emotional life or your the voices inside your head a bit more life than usual. The cards are showing me, you can be your own worst enemy because your not taking initiative at this time, and you can be over thinking things.For some of you, I see travelling coming up at this time. And for others of you this can be endings and new beginnings coming up for you. For some of you , you can be thinking about quitting your job or ending a love relationship. For others of you, you could be thinking about dating at this time. I feel that despite you being all in your head this can be a great week
At this time you can be feeling some kind of way in regards to relationships or in regards to career. For some of you, you can be a bit more in your feelings than usual. For some you, you have allot of good coming and it can be to much for you, so watch your emotional self. I feel that some of you, may not be use to all this good. For some of you, you can find that thoughts become things. Something that you've been wanting can come to fruition this week .
People in your life can be turning your neck and have you thinking how ever they would life. For others of you others influence your way of thinking . For some of you this is not over the ex, or not satisfied or happy with the current one because your comparing this person with the ex. There is a beautiful opportunity to let go of the past and past hurts. This week you have an opportunity to put things into perspective and let them go. This can be a great time for accomplishments, or being dominate figure in your career.