Wednesday, July 26, 2017



The moon is in Virgo , at this time careful how you speak to others, you have a difficult time understanding certain situations or people could be telling you one side of the story and not the whole truth. For others of you this is not getting along with the women in your either you are being to critical or they are being to pushy with you. You do have allot of energy on that sixth house , you can be accident prone today because  your not paying attention to what you are doing, or your health could flair up 
A great time for communications, you can get your point across with this energy. For some of you this is getting your children ready for back to school , and spending as much time with them today. Or spending time with the grandkids . For others of you, you can be a bit more open with your significant other, or opening about yourself.

For some of you, you could be worried about other people in your life. For others of you this can be a worrying time for you in regards to career, or you are to concern about what other people think of you. Your not trusting certain people in your life or where you stand in regards to career. For others of be about facts you can be a bit gullible 

For some of you, you could be possessive of your new friendships , that one that is on your pedestal. As they could be doing things with out you today or making plans that don't involve you. For others of you, you can be to connected to a person or a situation that your making it your problem. For others of you this is resolving certain issues with family members

At this time you can be worried over debts or health or even with court.Today try to stay out of your thoughts. For some of you and idle mind is the devil's time so try to create a routine for yourself. And try to stay more in the present.I feel at this time you can be intimidated by a situation or an appointment that is coming up. Don't think of the worst you need to direct your thoughts to what you want 

Watch your emotional self . You can be possessive with your relationships or you expect others to do favor for you, and not complain about. Because your sitting here thinking about how many times you helped this person out.For others of you stay out of your head because the conversations in your head are making no sense. And they can drive a bit crazy or you can make so weird or impulsive decisions  
I feel today you need to be the bigger person in a situation and own your part in a situation. So you can move forward with this person. Today you can be a bit manipulative or play mind games with others, and it's just going to make you more upset. Because they aren't giving you the reaction that you want. So try to talk it out with this person. Because this person may not think they did anything wrong 

Lots to think about but no action will be taken at this time. You could be receiving some unexpected good news today which is going to allow you to move a little a bit forward with your goals. For some of you people could surprise in a good way. You may have thought you had someone figured out but than they do something pleasantly surprising in front of you 

You need to be more about others and big picture. This is a great time for business or dealing with the media or social media. In order for you to continue moving forward you have to stop fighting on somethings or you need to compromise a bit more. This can be unexpected turn of events with career, being more in your favor. For others of you this is getting a job or your hard work is finally paying off    


Not the best day to compromise or negotiations. Not everyone is going to agree with your way of thinking and doing things. Sometimes we have to be the example, and sometimes we need to pick and choose are battles with others. You can be very innovative with this energy, and very original with your way of thinking. For some of you this is business picking up, or situation at work turning around for the better. 


You need to be open to other people's opinion and accept their point of view. Sometimes we are going in the same direction but different ways of getting there. For some of you, you bring a different or a unique solution to a problem. For others of you, you can bring a different perspective and help others look a things differently.     

I feel that this is a great time to receive a boost of confidence or a job well down. Just don't go telling everyone because someone may cast doubt or say something, "that happen to me too", and take away your thunder. It's best to keep the good to yourself. If you see an opportunity to grow you have to grab and not be about what others will think. Because sometimes the universe brings things to our existence, and says "How bad do you want it". Time to grow how bad do you want it ?