Monday, July 10, 2017


You could be doing things a little different to day because you want change. This can be changing your routine or taking the long way home today. For others of you this is planning to make changes with career, or business and making sure that it benefits you. You could be weighing your options today.

You can be revisiting the past with this energy, or rehashing past hurts with this energy. For others of you this is revisiting old projects or games that you've haven't' played in a while. You need to watch your emotional self, your being ask to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Debates that were friendly can turn left really quick because you want to be right. You may have difficulties with certain people at work because they do things differently from you or not by the book so it's going to annoy you.

At this time you can have someone trolling on your page and you maybe going through the list of people who hate you at this time or those who think are capable of doing something malice towards. So careful with this energy because this can be randomness happening into your life. Don't go assuming today that everyone is out to get. I feel at this time people are just helping themselves and being about them. The randomness that is coming up is making you question certain relationships or people in your life, it's just randomness
Change is happening and it's not by your hand. Some times to get what we want we have to go with the flow of life or else we will never change. For some of you, you could be holding on so tightly in regards to control that your not moving anywhere. Start thinking about taking what other people are telling you and applying changes so you can change.

You have a difficult time seeing other people's point of view, because your kind of stuck in your way of thinking and view point. Try to step back at this time to see bigger picture. For some of you this can be the young people in your life or relationships or even children rebelling at this time. Try to do their own thing or feeling a bit stuck in the relationship . At this time be adaptable to them
For some of you,  you could be reevaluating certain relationships in your life, because they don't make sense in your reality. Or their actions  don't make sense to you. You could find others being a bit of a contradiction, they say one thing and do another. They may not know what they want and you may not have the patience to stick around and let them figure it out.

This is your way of doing things or thinking is working . You could be showing someone how your way of doing things maybe right after all.  You can be guided by your intuition at this time, you feel more of purpose or you "Have to do this ", kind of feeling today. This is starting a new creative project, such as a book, or this can be a new business venture. You feel at this time you have the focus to see this project all the way through with this energy

This can be a good time for business or career with this energy. Today you accept certain realities in your life, and you are able to move forward and to make changes today . Eyes wide open.For some of you this can be a confusing time for you, because you need to make difficult decisions. These are drastic changes in order for you to move forward or to get what you want.
For some of you, in order to move forward , you have to deal or clean up issues or old debts from your past.You have a difficult time seeing the reality of the situation. It's best to get all the information you can and be in the present not in your head.For others of you, you don't like to be rush into new things or opportunities. For some of you , you have a difficult time making decisions because others need the answer now

You have a beautiful water trine going on with your 2610 , you benefit through others today. You can be talking to the right people to help you grow, or this can be new friends in high places. Cappies loves to be around the who's who's today. This can also be meeting and gabbing with someone who's above your manager. And having a good conversation with that person.

Be Careful with your emotional self. You are all about that loyalty and respect, and you might not be feeling like your getting it today. Try to stay out of that part of ego, because it will make matters worst. I get your feeling some kind of way. But everything is cause and effect so you don't want to do something you'll regret later.

You can be more about your play at this time or more invested in your social life and whats going on with the friends. For others of you , you are checking out today and avoiding certain realities  in your life.  For some of you this is a good day for business or career with this energy. For others of you, you are being ask to step out of your comfort zone today. Or you can be ask to do something that you may not want to do and you need to learn to speak up.