Monday, July 24, 2017


Who ever has to leave your life at this time let them leave. You can be abit controlling with this energy. Or you can be going through a midlife crisis for some of you, and taking it out on your relationships. You can go out of your way for others with this energy. You can be more about big picture and think of others and what you can do to help other people at work or in your life. For others of you, you can be more of a guide and showing others how to do something
When you are playing around or being creative you can be inspired today. For some of  you this is connecting more with your inner child.Your communications skills are strong, so you need to be careful with how you speak to others. Because you can get snarky and hit right in the truth of things. And that can really hurt some people.

This energy is great for those of you in sales or if your promoting yourself to grow; now would be that time to have that talk with those who can make it happen. For others of you, you are very sensitive to the energies today, and you can read people and read a room. You could have some people in your life figured out today. This is a great time for media or social media with this energy. There can be lots of communication going on today
For some of you this is a popular energy time for you. You can be more in a leadership position with work. For others of you, you go out of your way to help out others. You try to stay out of other people's drama but you have the perfect advise. For others of you, you need to speak up and say whats on your mind. For others of you, you can be passive aggressive with parents or with those in authority. You don't like to be bossed around or micromanage today
This is a change of routine, or others not on board with your plans. For some of you, you can be training someone today, or helping someone out, or teaching someone about life from your own experience. You can be very competitive whether it be with those close to you, or with the people at work. You tend to want to be on top of your game, and even a bit nasty. Try to focus on you, and whats going on with you  

You can be more about your play with this energy. Some people or even random people really open up about themselves to you today. You are a very good talker and you can talk your way into and out of anything. This a great time for those of you in media or social media. For some of you, there could be thoughts about quitting your job or looking for other ways to make money
You need to get organize and form a plan today. You tend to take on too much and it can seem overwhelming or too much or you might know where to begin. Break projects down into smaller goals that you can accomplish or else you'll get burned out and not want to do it.For some of you, you have the perfect advise to give to others, for others of you , you are there for others as a listening ear and a healer.
For some of you, you could be questioning your path, you can feel unfilled with your career at this time, some of you. For some of you, you refuse to make any kind of decisions at this time.You prefer to wait as a way to see if you can get a better deal. You need to watch your emotional self today. You can get kind of nasty because of powerstruggles going, or people  not communicating with you , and  going ahead and doing other things with out you. Some people need to learn to practice couth  

I can see a few of you bring in something for others to munch on at work tomorrow. For others of you this is going out of your way for others and doing something nice for them.  For others of you this is being bored with love relationships or over certain situations with other people in your life.

You need to put yourself in other people's shoes because it might seem like your a bit sensitive. But you have no time to get emotionally dump on by others. Or if it's not about you , you don't care. Take time out today to help some one or to be sensitive to their strife. For others of you , you can be put on the spot and your not quick to make a decision. So this is going to cause problems with certain relationships because your not quick to jump.
For some of you this is taking care of family or even cleaning the house today and getting nice and organize. For some of you, you can be very idealistic with your family. For others of you this is a time trust your intuition. For some of you this can be ending certain relationships in your life, or this can be them leaving your life.For some of you, you are allowing your worries to get the best of you or anxiety because of unexpected news or deadlines your suppose to meet.
You can be more about the bigger picture with this energy. For some of you , you have very good time with this energy, you need to trust your intuition. This is a great time to get things done. For some of you this is good news that can finally put your mind at ease. Your worries seem to get lifted today. For others of you , you can feel a bit more secure with certain situations