Sunday, July 9, 2017


There could be powerstruggles with the dominating people in your life. I feel at this time , this is not getting the" thank you", that you want . Or the credit that you think you deserve, so at this time just help for the sake of helping with this energy. You do speak your mind , you could be in the moment. So careful what you say to others, because your just being in the moment. Expressing your frustrations today.
I feel that the old ways of doing things no longer works for you, or you may not have any patience for any process or procedure that you may have to go through. You could be more focus on other things in your life. And other people maybe wanting more of your attention which your not giving them. Try to put yourselves in other people's shoes today, and be their for them
For some of you this can be a frustrating time with career. Because you are being micromanage or criticize a bit more for your work. For others of you this is tit and tat, and you feel like others may owe. Instead of owing they could be avoiding you. You may want to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off today  

For some of you change is happening and it's not by your hand with this energy. For some of you this is dealing with the women in your life, and not getting along with them. For some of you this is a move going on today. For some of you, you speak your truth and say what's on your mind and let the chips fall where they may. But you don't want to hold back anymore
You need to watch your emotional self today. You may receive some unexpected bad news or news that you didn't expect to hear or read. For some of you this is you setting the changes in motion. And breaking free from certain people or even quitting your job because you may find it unhealthy. For some this can be an empowering time for you.For others of you, maybe you need to get a bit more uncomfortable before you official change or make changes

Who ever has to leave your life at this time let them leave. For some of you this can be because the other person felt like you  weren't emotionally connecting with them, for others of you it can be someone you would never expect to leave your life. You have lessons to learn about relationships, and this can be changing the subconscious and changing certain tendency that you do .  

Watch your emotional self with this energy, for some of you , you can be a bit in your feelings because you want others to be respectful of your relationship with them. And that might not be the case and you can feel some kind of way, because others may not have your back or they may not be so supportive with certain decisions you want to make. For others of you this is doing to much for others or with career, and not receiving your thank you. Do for the sake of doing and detach your self from ego today because ego is feeling some kind of way  

Lots of energy in your second house, careful you could be forgetful or accident prone with this energy. For some of you this can be some unexpected turn of events in regards to career. For others of you this can be reuniting with friends or family members that you didn't even know were looking for you. For others of you have such certainty about certain things that they end up coming up to fruition.    
You can be prepared and excited to handle or take care of any challenges that come your way .  For some of you this is not the easiest energy when dealing with others especially love relationships or this can be with career and those in authority.  Because you tend to fight for what you want,and you go after it . So this might not go well with others.
For some of you this can be good news coming up with the things that you want. You can be getting your way in a situation. Or this is the ball in your court and your able to call the shots and create your boundaries that you need to create. Keep it humble at this time because for some of you, you do have allot of things that others may want and you can be using that to your advantage. And other people know this so try to be humble
You need to watch your emotional self. You are like a wild stallion and don't like others telling you what to do or the tone that they speak to you in. Bite your tongue, and keep the peace , your feeling some kind of way today. It could be because of the planets or your current situation or you can be stressed out. Just because someone treats you some kind of way never gives you the right to do the same nor helps your situation
For some of you to get what you want , you have to plant the seed and be patient for the things you want. For some of you, you know what needs to be done but you could still be thinking about it. For others of you, you are paying attention to the energies around you and making adjustments. For others of you, you can't allow temporary set backs to get the best of you. Because of chiron in your second house will mess with your self confidence and get you out of alignment with what you want