Thursday, July 27, 2017



For some of you there could be power struggles with love relationships and a bit of passive aggressive energy. So try not to play games with the heart because it's more like a power of wills, and we don't like the waiting game, because some of us can wait forever.  For others of you this can be surprise coming up with court, tickets, audits, or with loans that require further review
You can be dealing with the same energies as yesterday. You might not be getting along with the men in your life or family. You could say things that you may regret saying. Having problems with the opposite sex or not getting along with your partner at this time.I feel that you need to let go of expectations of other. Or the person in your head and be reintroduce to the person who's in your reality
You need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. You need to be adaptable and open minded to other people's way of doing things or thinking. Let go of control and go with the flow. For some of you, the idle mind is the devil time today, so watch your emotional self. Try to create a routine for yourself today or try to do something outside of the home like take a walk. For others of you this can be dealing with property matters today. Or not getting along with the women in your life

For some of you this is travelling today or planning to travel. For some of you, you can be more about other people's wishes and needs instead of your own. For others of you, you could be emotionally restless because you want more growth and financial freedom. The whole process of getting there is irking you .  

There can be lots of communication going on today and making plans for the weekend.  For others of you, you can see things as a bit unfair or one sided with this energy. Not the best day for negotions or compromise because you are more about your needs and what's in it for me with this energy. For peace and because this month of Leo is about the EGO. Try to be more adaptable or compromising to others

For some of you this can be someone from your past reconnecting you on the social media . For others of you this is a second chances with certain promises that didn't go through they can still be on the table. For others of you this can be dealing with on again off again relationship. And you two can be on the outs for now or back on . For others of you this is dealing with your money situation or career, and it can be kind of slow with work.  

Watch your emotional self today, this can be a great time for you to delve more into the power of prayer. Or even tap more into the law of attraction. For some of you this is revisiting an old project or even revisiting past relationships. For some of you one of your many pots could be boiling today, and you can be more focus on that third , second source of income. For others of you, you might not be so forgiving as certain people reenter your life, and you could say exactly whats on your mind. Just be careful because they may not return.Choose your words wisely
You have a unique way of getting people to open up to you. For some of you people in your life can reveal to much so you could be receiving some good juice aka gossip . You need to watch your emotional self, this would be a good time to let go of your worries, and to delve more into the power of prayer or the law of attraction today. Or else this energy is going to ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday and it's Friday

For some of you, you have a difficult time grasping new things or understanding certain situations. For others of love relationships can be fragile . For some of you, you can be very creative and starting new projects with this energy. For others of you this can be more about your play so watch your spending.
Change is happening or talks are happening and you can be a bit indecisive or you might not be ready. So much energy in your tenth house. If your feeling restless you need to trust your body, yes. You could be feeling a bit restless or anxious. You need to let your body talk and let you know that change is coming hang in there.  For others of you this can be ending certain relationships in your life or thinking about revisiting certain people, best to keep the past in the past

Change is happening unexpected turn of events happening. You need again to allow people to voice their opinions or be open to a different way of doing things. I feel you need to listen more instead of being defensive. You need to watch your emotional decisions that you make, because sometimes we think were hurting others but instead we hurt ourselves. If you had an opportunity to do things differently today should be one of those opportunities
For some of you , you need to let go of old ways of thinking or doing things because you could be attracting more of what you don't want because of the emotional energy your putting out there thats what your attracting back. So careful with your thoughts. For some of you this can either be your truth being revealed, or this can be things coming to light that you didn't know about. I feel  that these truths coming out is going to bring a sense of peace so you can move on from the situation. Or you can see that what ever this person is trying to project is just  smokes and mirrors