Sunday, July 9, 2017


This is a time this week to reap what you have sown. For others of you this can be working on yourself and doing the spiritual walk, and realizing that it works. For others of you this is gaining insight into your situation, or putting things into perspective. For others of you, you can be more focus on your career. For others of you, you can be leaving behind certain people or situations that no longer align with what you want. This is a time of creating your own reality, and you are running with this energy this week

What ever is heavy on your mind your still going to question, so at this time no change is going to be made by your hand this week. I feel this is a great time for contracts and negotiations to be more in your favor with this energy. For others of you situations that are going on become very clear to you. This week be careful what you wish for you, you just might get it . Projects or plans that you are initiating this week will go your way . For others of you , you have allot of people involved in your life at this time. So this can be a busy week communicating with others or visiting

For some of you, you could be delving more into your bad habits because your reality seems a bit concerning to you at this time. Or certain areas of your life can be causing a bit more stress than usual.For others of you this is wanting change, the cards are saying Yes but your still going to think about it. I feel this can be ending a relationship because your bored, and now your looking for your way out. For others of you this can be with career, because you don't like how your being treated. For others of you while certain areas of your life you struggle other areas of your life you are mastering. So you may want to think about focusing on those areas that are bringing you challenge, because you are a bit unbalance at the moment.

Watch your emotional self. You can be a bit up and down with your emotions . For some of you, you need to focus on one thing that you want this week and stick with that goal. Because I feel you are a bit everywhere. You may not know what it is that you want. So try to focus on being more in the present instead of in your emotional life. Because you can be manifesting things that you don't want at this time. For others of you, you benefit through others and their support so follow them at this time

Lots to think about this week. The energy or people around you want whats best for you, and want you to be happy. But at this time you are not saying what you want or you may not know what you really want , but your in your feelings more than usual. Try to figure out what it is that you want at this time in your life. I feel for some of you there is a second source of income coming, For others of this can be reevaluating love relationships.

I see endings with relationships coming up. For some of you this is dealing with court and feeling out of control in your situation. I feel that you need to start taking control of your situation. Make changes at this time do what it is necessary  to put yourself back on your path. For some of you don't be surprise if people are tired of hearing about your tears. Because your not moving forward nor trying too.  For others of you, you are finding new ways of making money this is through the internet. For others of you, you are online allot this week communicating with others. For others of you , you can be very sentimental and more about family with this energy. For others of you, you are very creative at this time and starting new projects or you could be almost done.

You are definitely lost in your thoughts of future. So at this time trust yourself. That this is not the time to make moves with certain projects with this energy. For others of you , this is mastering a specific area of your life at this time. For some of you this is a positive turn of events with money, so your not moving forward with new projects. Because this iron is hot at this time and your working it. For others of you, try to see the blessings in your life because you can be too much into your feeling with this energy.  

For some of you one of your many pots you have going on seems to boiling. This can be a busy time for second business or certain projects to start needing more of your attention. For others of you, you could have a generation gap going on . And you can be very critical of this relationship, or they could be very critical of you. Who ever has to leave your life at this time let them. I feel this is more you letting go certain relationships or people in your life because you out grew them.I feel also you could be teaching someone a valuable lesson with this energy
You need to get out of your head, and listen to your own advice. I feel this week can be a great week for you . I do see money opportunities presenting themselves. Your biggest problem is picking which one you want. For others of you this energy brings opportunity to grow with career, but your not so quick to move. Because you know that the pay and the responsibility may not be worth it or this can be you may need to think about relocation with this energy. For others of you I see travelling or plans to travel with this energy.    

I feel you can be very picky with love relationships and going through your check list of whats wrong at this time. Your not ending anything because you like having them around but your thinking about it. For others of you this can be a fun time dating with this energy. For others of you benefit through partnerships. For others this can be a great time for moving forward with love relationships. Or your relationship can be getting serious but at the sametime your not ready for serious. For others of you  try not to talk so much , because others are taking your ideas and running with them
For some of you, your family or partner is your biggest fan and support your growth with career, or business. So this can be a great time for milestone with career or business with this energy. For some of you this is a great energy for plans moving forward. You can be walking from people and situations that are no longer beneficial for you. Or helping you grow. Your more about your own personal growth at this time
This can be a busy time with career or business this week, because you are more focus with this energy. You can be a bit overly sensitive so watch your reactive. You need to speak up when things are bothering you rather than bottling them up. You may have to stand up for yourself this week. For others of you , try to keep your good to yourself , or keep your circle small. Because not everyone is happy for you. You could be privy to information that no body else are privy too. For others of you this can be learning a new trick and than running with that information  that you've learned for your own benefit