Friday, July 7, 2017


There could be power struggles today, or things not going the way you planned. So try to go more with the flow or try to slow down your reactiveness. Because you want everything to go as plan but sometimes we need to be prepared for when things don't go are way. Have a plan B, C,D today. For some of you, you are seeing what works and what doesn't work today . For others of this , this can be trial and error today , and learning something new today

You could be questioning other people's loyalty to you. For some of you this can be a difficult energy when it comes to relationship. Because you are stepping out of your routine or comfort zone. You may not like or you aren't use to the new experiences, or new ways of doing things. You could feel a bit scattered brain today. As you pass over the reigns to someone else

This can be a fun energy, because you are either learning something new today. Or this can be allot of different things going on through out the day. So your day promises to be entertaining today.  For some of you career changes can be happening and have you a bit worried with this energy.

For some of you, you can be a bit ambitious with this energy, and going for yours today. For others of you this is stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new with this energy. This is an easier time today to face your fears, or to face situations or issues that you don't want to deal with and want to avoid. This is a great time to get things resolve
Others may not be on board with your ideas with this energy. Children or the younger people in your life could be a bit rebellious with this energy.For some of you need to really think about what is that you are fighting about or fighting for because you maybe fighting for the sake of fighting, and you may not even know what your fighting about or fighting for. So slow down today and pick and choose your battles.

You could be starting over in certain areas of your life, this can be also revisiting the past with this energy. If you can avoid big fights today, hold off till tomorrow or wait till Monday. Because it can be confusing and you may not be able to put things into perspective. Love relationships could be fragile or coming to an end with this energy . Or this can be not getting along with siblings or friends at this time
For some of you, you could be ending certain projects with this energy, or even ending certain chapters in your life with this energy. For some of you watch your emotional self you can be super sensitive with this energy. Or you can feel like others are attacking you personally because of lack of communication . For some of you, you can be conquering your fears and stepping out of your comfort zone  

You have a way of talking your way into and out of any situation today. You can turn a situation on someone and make it seem like it's their doing instead of your doing. Your communications skills are very powerful today. For some of you, you could be trying to create more peace and stability in your life.So you could be all about those cute memes, and hanging out with positive people today

You have a beautiful water trine going on , so it's up to you how you want your day to be . This can be a fabulous day or this day can ride you like a pony on a Tuesday. For some of you, you are reacting to situations or what people say to you differently. You can take it more like a challenge than fighting words today.  

Major changes are happening today so careful with your thoughts with this energy.  For some of you this is initiating change because you need something new in your life or could be bored with certain situations. For some of you, you can be possessive or jealous over certain relationships. At this time focus on you , and what you are doing every day is different. And than it's your turn to be the good guy at work, or in your life

For some of you, you have to be open minded and fair today. For others of you , you could be wanting to make changes but you could be more in your head about because your comfortable. But your acknowledging that something has to give. For others of you, you are working through some past hurts. The person you are with orthe situations in your life are allot different from once upon , where you were. So try to change your perspective and your conversation in your head

You don't like to be around Debbie Downer's or pessimistic people today. You can feel easily drained when others dump on.Today try to create boundaries with others. For others of you, you can be very sensitive to the energy around you. So try to be more self aware of how you are feeling because that can change in instant. You tend to be more like psychic sponge today