Sunday, July 16, 2017


You can be reevaluating certain relationships or new situations that are going on in your life. This can bring obstacles between what you want at this time, so patience is needed. At this time , its not a great time to initiate plans. For others of you this is a difficult time with love relationship or relationships in general can frustrate you. Because you need to figure out what you want from that person

Don't go assuming at this time. You are assuming things or not giving others a chance at this time. If they make a mistake than you can say I told you so. For others of you, you are more sympathetic to other people, or you can see that are having problems  that has nothing to do with the present. But they are bringing it into the present. For others of you this energy brings about a deeper understanding of why certain people do the things they do.

You can be wise to other people's games. Some people in your life had played the guilt trip on you , so many time. It no longer phases or their excuses are no longer valid anymore. For others of you, think about what you are getting yourself into . Because you can be a bit gullible as well, some of you.

Your tenth house is highlighted today. This can bring about change with career for better, or this can be a busy day with lots to do. And you can find your self having lots to do today. You can be very sensitive to other people's needs. This is a great time for customer relations. Because you can go out of your way for some today. This can impress the right people with this energy. For others of you, you inspire others today

You do have allot of good happening today. But I feel some situations or people you tend to rebel against and do your own thing. At this time your looking for fun or an adventure, and this can involve your wallet so watch your spending today. For others of you this is a great time to step into certainty because thoughts can become things today. For others of you this is initiating new projects, or being more aware of your well being or health.  

For some of you, this can be some unexpected turn of events happening with career, or this can be with relationships. For some of this energy can bring about second chances, or even bring back miss opportunities. This can be a popular energy time for you with or with the social media . Things that you say to others make sense today

You can be receiving confirmation today or your feelings can be getting validated at this time. You are able to let go of your worries and concerns when it comes to certain issues. For some of you, you might not be getting along with mother at this time. For others of you, you can feel like others are emotionally dumping on , or taking advantage of your good nature .

You have not patience for people today. Your not liking at the rate everything is moving. Try not to get on top of people or micro manage them by calling every second or you'll have problems with that person. You need to all everything to go through it's process. For others of you, you need to watch your emotional self , you can't control people and you can't control at what rate you get things, so this can  cause restless energy
You can be fighting some urges with this energy. You maybe a bit more fragile with certain people but secretly your feeling some kind of way. Your going to wait till they bring it up till you say how you really feel. For others of you, you can be trying to be good or well behave because at this time you can be trying to show that you can work well with others. Or this can be you trying to get your way by proving yourself to some one . Who's trying to prove you wrong
Stellium in your first house. You can be more with your thoughts at this time. Your not trying to express yourself but you are internalizing allot at this time. For some of you, you can be impulsive and ask others out with this energy, or even reach out to your past. For others of you watch your spending , you can step out of your routine today
You can be seeing some unfairness going on. On one hand you want to say thing, but on the other hand you don't want to get involve in the drama. Or this can be you picking and choosing your battles today because you want more peace in your life. You a bit more self awareness. For others of you, you seeing things differently from others, but don't expect them to see your way too. Because this is more of an elevated consciousness that is going on.

For some of you, you can have difficulties with dominating people.Because they want to understand you or they want to test you. Because they need to put you in a box so they can make sense or label you. Not allot of people are going to be on board with your ideas because they seem idealistic. Sometimes when we just start them than people can see what we are talking about. You need to draw them a picture today